Unplanned is God’s Plan of Attack

It’s not a work of art that the Academy will recognize. But Unplanned is the movie that will change our world— if we let it.

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There’s never been a movie like Unplanned. It’s not a film talk-show hosts will advertise, TV channels will commercialize, or a work of art that the Academy will recognize. But Unplanned is the movie that will change our world— if we let it.

Starring Ashley Bratcher, Brooks Ryan, and Robia Scott, Unplanned is the true story of a woman who rose to corporate success in the abortion industry. Abby Johnson worked eight years for Planned Parenthood, counseled women toward abortion as their best option, and was complicit in over 22,000 abortions. That is, until one day, she witnessed something in the operating room that left her unquestionably and remorsefully pro-life.

Unplanned, released on March 29, 2019, is her memoir brought to the big screen.

“[I] loved my job, loved what I did, [and] believed that I was helping women—that’s how I got involved in Planned Parenthood,” said Johnson in an interview. “And then [I] really had my eyes opened.”

In Unplanned the movie, all the dirty secrets are revealed. You learn how Planned Parenthood thrives as a multi-billion dollar corporation—despite the non-profit labeling. You see how surgeries are “sold” to women as they strive to double their abortion numbers. And you watch in horror as women are brainwashed and drugged to believe it’s only a simple procedure.

“It’s going to get labeled so many things. It’ll be the anti-Planned-Parenthood movie, the anti-abortion movie, the anti-woman movie, the anti ‘fill in the blank,”’ said Shawn Carney, founder of 40 Days for Life. “But the reality and the problem for the abortion industry is that it’s true.”

The film has an R-rating and for justifiable reasons. Abortion is an R-rated topic with a PG discussion, and this movie removes all skepticism on the murderous act at hand. There are a few scenes with realistically portrayed graphic images, but nothing is dramatized excessively for Hollywood. The point of the blood is to showcase the truth, not to entertain audiences with gore.

This is one of the reasons why the directors knew going in that they needed a prayer ministry team. “We knew we were going to need protection. We knew there was going to be a lot of spiritual warfare surrounding the film,” said co-director Cary Solomon.

So in response, they gathered Catholics, Evangelicals, and Christians from every denomination. Crew members gathered outside of sets to pray over the scenes, and they brought in Christian leaders from all over the world to intercede for the film’s production.

And it’s a good thing they did. Since the film’s release, the Unplanned Twitter account has experienced a suspicious and unprompted suspension. The actors and actresses of the movie have been warned that they are likely blacklisted from Hollywood. And TV networks have refused to broadcast the trailer despite the producers’ willingness to compensate.

But every cast member a part of its production has agreed: this movie is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It lifts the curtain up from the other side to showcase the hidden truth. But most importantly, “This movie isn’t about judgment or condemnation,” said lead-actress Bratcher in an interview. “It’s about mercy and forgiveness.”

To get your tickets to see this momentous film, visit Fandango.com. And to read up on what other pro-life advocates are saying, check out the comments below.



Shiela Miller says, “As a sidewalk advocate, I have been anticipating this movie for months since I heard about it at the March for Life in January in Washington DC. After watching long preview clips and reading many interviews, I decided to take my husband, my 12-year-old daughter, and 15-year-old son along to see it last night. It did not disappoint!

“My great expectations were exceeded since it was so well done and constantly had our attention. It had some hard scenes to watch, though, and my husband said it was the most difficult movie he’s seen since The Passion of the Christ. Both of my children were positive about the experience, and it opened up a lot more dialogue for us on the topic. To me, love was the main focus throughout the whole story, and I was very moved and encouraged when sidewalk advocates were involved showing non-judgmental love to the women going for abortions and to the workers, especially since I’m involved in that very activity every week.

“I believe this is the most important movie that should be seen this year, and we should encourage our friends and family to all go. Take them if necessary! We have to change the hearts and minds of Americans if we truly want to end abortion.”


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