The Church’s Role in Politics, Fake Polls, and the 2020 Election

All who understand how polls are done know their incredible “pliability”.

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To all you preachers and pastors out there bemoaning how “political” it has gotten instead of “kingdom”…

Please snap out of perhaps the most undiscerning moment of your ministry! Literally wake up! The kingdom is never an ethereal thing. It always touches the real world and real situations. If you can’t see that THIS election has everything to do with a monumental clash of kingdoms then your blindness is astonishing. To the degree you have ranted and raved against the “politics” and pompously espoused your “kingdom” perspective—to that degree, you are to be chastised. There are consequences for being a blind shepherd at a critical time. I will tell you, Jesus shakes His head if you are one of these. It is this kind of thinking that gave up the nations to start with. It is this kind of thinking that sees us today with minimal kingdom representation in the Seven Mountains. Thank your members that ignored your “church-mindedness” you called “kingdom-mindedness”—and actually showed up in the real world. Snap out of it! Can you not see and feel every demon from hell attempting to get a certain political result? Can you not sense that heaven has emptied itself of angels securing an election? Do you think Cyrus becoming king was a political result? Do you think David becoming king was a political result? Let me say it again. Wake up! Discern the day and fall in line with the King’s objectives.

Pastor, leader, (even general church members), are you calling WISDOM or CAUTION what is actually COWARDICE?


A trait wherein excessive fear prevents an individual from taking a risk or facing danger. It is the opposite of courage. As a label, “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge. One who succumbs to cowardice is known as a coward. (see Rev. 21:8 for if cowardice is just a “safety first” mindset)

“A FAILURE OF CHARACTER in the face of a challenge.”

Yes, I have compassion for you that 2020 has been a challenge, but if you signed up for pastoring or leading expecting anything less than that, it is as good a time as any to get out. “The just shall live by faith.” My applause to the courageous pastors who have risked the sheep turning on them (financially and otherwise) by not remaining in fear. If you lost your church over your courage thank God you found out sooner than later. He is still your Provider.

A refresher: “But without FAITH it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6)

Does Joshua 1:6 say, “Only be CAUTIOUS and very WISE,” or does it say, “Only BE STRONG and VERY COURAGEOUS”?

No Promised Land is EVER inherited by any other means other than COURAGE. “BE SAFE” has NEVER EVER advanced the kingdom of God.

Understanding Fake Polls

To those worried about all the mainstream media polls that show Biden winning here is important processing. THE MEDIA IS STILL LYING. Don’t forget the unabashed in-your-face lying the media has exhibited over the last 4 years where literally the opposite of what they have said is the truth. They were the engines to the fake “Russian Collusion”, the fake impeachment, the fake “plandemic”, and every other fake narrative that has inundated the American people in these years. They have been the censors of the true data regarding covid cases, of the true cures of covid, of literally every truth regarding everything to do with covid. They have been so exhaustive in their lying that truthfully to listen to them say anything is to catch them in a lie. Nothing has suddenly changed. They didn’t all of a sudden become agents of truth as it regards to the political polls. They are all founded on lies and advancing a lying agenda. All who understand how polls are done know their incredible “pliability”.

Why Would They Lie?

First of all, because they are so aligned with Leviathan they literally can’t stop doing what they have been doing. Liars, lie. Secondarily, the lying is strategic and designed to accompany the stealing of an election they hope to execute. They have zero chance of winning this election without massive fraud. No matter what city or state Biden or Harris may go to they can’t draw a hundred sincere people. To get 50 to show up they all have to be paid. EVERY other indicator other than “polls” shows a landslide vote on behalf of Trump coming. They have lying polls so that should they succeed in fraudulently stealing the election they can say “See, this only confirms our polls.” Nobody would believe an election result that defied every visual “eye test” unless a second instrument of deception called “polls” were used. It is all a calculated sham.

External Polls and Internal Polls

Both Democrats and Republicans know that external “polls” are in themselves designed as a campaign strategy to affect the real numbers. They are not real numbers. For those in control of the rigging of an election, it is designed to “prove” that the fraudulent election is actually legitimate. Reality is different. Their internal polls are what they actually go by for their own knowledge of reality. If the Democrats own internal polling showed them with the 10% or more lead that their publicly released polls showed they would not be still throwing everything they are throwing at President Trump. You would not see Pelosi bringing up the crazy 25th amendment idea at the press conference that she did. You would not see the general panic mode that the “deep state” is in. Real numbers have already shown them that President Trump will win in a landslide unless they can steal the election with fraud. Their remaining hope is theft. It is why President Trump is asking for as many volunteers as possible to be in a position of election observers. Everyone who can consider volunteering for that. You are assisting in stopping the enemy from stealing, killing, and destroying. President Trump knows he can live with a lot of fraud and theft and still win– as he did last time. Millions of votes were stolen through the fraud of the last election. The idea is to reduce it enough so that not only an election is won but that the House and Senate are also comfortably won. It is a massive spiritual battle that also requires our natural participation.

Gallup 56% Poll

This recent poll is actually the most significant poll the American people have seen. In the poll, 56% of the American people said they are better off now than they were 4 years ago. For Gallup that is a repeat poll, they have for every election at about this time. The 56% represented the highest level an incumbent president has EVER had. That is a tell-tale poll. It’s a poll that sends hyperventilation into the “deep state”.

So What Do We Do?

What we do is vote, pray, and assist the process of a fair election in every way we can. If we can have a reasonably fair election, it might be the first-ever, or at least the first in a very long time. There really was a red tsunami in the mid-terms but it was stolen. Much was learned from that “steal” and because of that lesson, it is being stemmed this time. This has essentially already been revealed, but if you are a follower of the main false prophets of our day (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Twitter, YouTube etc.etc.) you won’t know that. That becomes a next assignment. As in Elijah’s day, we have to get rid of the media prophets of Baal (only symbolic beheading this time) and now show up on the mountain of media with the new kingdom ministers of communications. Actually, at the social media level, the “digital warriors” of lesser platforms have been quite awesome during this season, being largely responsible for getting needed truth out there. While their conspiracy denying pastors (some of them) have belittled them for being conspiracy theorists, they have flat out got the job done. The conspiracy reality is undeniable for all but conspiracy deniers. There is grace for that as well, as conspiracy truth (the truth that there is a conspiracy) is coming in waves, and in that we may all be at different stages. It has been a tough season of awakening. Just a few more weeks now. Finish strong!


Featured Image by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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