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Truth is always a disruption and threat to institutions that have calcified into “old wineskins” incapable of receiving new wine.

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It can be a help in understanding our times to see the parallel developments in Christianity and science. In both there are many professionals who are just doing a job, but there are also passionate ones in both who rise up to be prophets of a new day. We must understand the darkness, but even more we must see and understand the light that is beginning to appear.

The early church apostles and prophets predicted a time of great darkness and apostasy coming upon the church before the kingdom of God would come. The emergence of the church from this darkness came when prophetic voices arose to illuminate biblical truth that had been lost by the church during the dark period. These revelations of truth have continued to come in waves, and the increasing light in the advancing church is getting brighter and brighter. However, the “advancing church” as was also foretold is only a remnant. As Jesus taught, new wine is a threat to old wineskins, and so they could not receive the new.

Science is on a similar journey now, but the “prophets” that brought increasing light to science are called “geniuses.” There are many fields in science like there are many denominations in Christianity. Some of these have accepted the new insights and discoveries, and some have not but resist them just as many denominations do in Christianity. To understand either at this time we must understand that there is a great mixture of “wheat” and “tares,” the true and the false. Jesus said this mixture would be with us until the end of the age when the truth will prevail, but until then we must learn how to navigate this mixture.

Looking at the field of education, it has been such a great benefit to civilization that it would be hard to imagine what the world would be like without it. Even so, it is also one of the primary sources of much of the darkness that is growing in the world. In many countries like the United States, education is a primary place where the three diabolical philosophies have cast a great veil of deception over the world. This was intentional and to date, these evil influences have not been recognized or stopped in education. The wheat and tares are growing together.

Because the extraordinary advances in education have been slowing, in recent times the quality of education has started to plummet. America, which was at one time probably the most literate and educated place in the world, has now fallen out of the top fifty nations in education, and the trend is still down.

Many of the teachers and professors in the sciences, if they are not engaged in research, or devoted to keeping up with the most recent discoveries, can be decades behind in the knowledge that their field has been acquiring. Since they can only teach what they know, we now have graduates from top schools in science and engineering that are decades behind in the cutting-edge knowledge in their field when they graduate.

Having studied many Christian movements in church history and a number of fields of science, it is noteworthy how the two seem to be running on parallel tracks in some ways. True Christianity and true science should be best friends because those who are true in both are in pursuit of truth. The greatest enemy that both have are politics. This causes knowledge to be weighed on its political value more than whether it is true or not, bringing a basic perversion to both of these.

Just as there are Christian movements that seem stronger and deeper than others, the same is true in science. The more powerful Christian movements had exceptionally brilliant and powerful founders. Some fields of science, such as physics, were blessed with some of the most remarkable scientific geniuses as founders in their stream of development. There are also fields of science that seem shallower because they have not been blessed with such high-level geniuses in their field. The higher authority prophetic voices, or higher-level geniuses, raise the bar so that others in their field are compelled to higher standards.

An ultimate question is why do so many in some of these fields hold onto primitive and even disproven teachings such as archaic forms of church life in Christianity, or in the case of science, debunked theories? Why do some move on and others do not? This is an important question as we are poised for the greatest advance of all time in both Christianity and science.

One common denominator with the ones who tend to keep growing and moving forward is that they have a strong devotion to liberty and free thinking. All who become reformers or create advances in fields of science, tend to resist conformity. This does seem to change once the new revelations or discoveries are institutionalized. There is a reason why most of the great discoveries, such as personal computers, were not developed by the great companies of the time, but by school dropouts in a garage.

Christianity itself had to be born “outside the camp” of the religious institutions of the time. Those who were the leaders of the institutional religions of the time were Jesus’ greatest enemies and were the ones who had Him crucified. This has also been the case with the great movements that have kept Christianity moving and growing.

Truth is always revolutionary. Truth is always a disruption and threat to institutions that have calcified into “old wineskins” incapable of receiving new wine. The threat to the truth being able to fully accomplish its purpose comes when it becomes popular and has increasing monetary value. This seems to cause even the freest to become conformists in order to protect what they have by making it into an institution. The ones that do this trend toward becoming more protective of their treasure rather than seeking more truth. With this pressure to conform always comes increasing control, until it too stifles new and free thinking that leads to more truth.

A devotion to conform to the truth is not a bad thing, but conformity becomes deadly if we become insecure and threatened by those who would carry it further, especially if they are not of our camp. We see in church history that every new movement was persecuted by the earlier movements that had stopped moving.

The same has been true in science. This problem is not caused by the truth, but by those who started to esteem their self-preservation or positions more than truth. These tend to feel when they cease to keep up with the march forward that they are losing control, which is hard for most to accept. This is also called “jealousy.” We are told that Jesus was crucified because of envy, and all genuine followers of truth will be persecuted by the envious who are threatened by new thinking.

Even so, such a challenge by the “old wineskins” can help to purify and strengthen new emerging movements as the persecution tends to keep the political and self-promoting ones out, until the new starts to become popular enough. Since we see these effects and trends so clearly in history, why are so many of the youth today embracing socialism and Marxism which is built upon the worst characteristics of obviously jealous people?

Consider this about Marxism: it is a political and economic system that has proven 100% of the time not to work. Yet it continues to draw many into it, even with a track record of 100% of the time not being able to deliver on its promises. So to protect its position, it has been implemented every time with the worst forms of tyranny in order to keep its grip on the people as it fails them. How can so many continue to be deceived by such ultimate failures as Marxism and socialism? This we must understand.

The answer is first that they believe the propaganda told to them by their teachers and professors who themselves did the same when they were in school. Few have searched deeply enough into history to find out that Marxist and socialist propaganda is close to the exact opposite of what they actually are when they gain power. This fulfills the proverb that “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

For this reason, in the next few Heritage Briefs we are going to examine what these really are and their strategy that is so successful in deceiving nations.

There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. –Willa Cather

         Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value. –Hermann Hesse


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