Two Recent Words From the Lord

For those who have been paying attention and listening to Holy Spirit’s gentle nudges in recent years, you will find that He’s been giving you what you need.

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Rewards are coming to the faithful. Extreme favor and supernatural expressions of heaven are about to manifest through those deemed least likely. Treasures from the deep are about to flow through those who have simply been obedient and steadfast in faith. No longer will your life be determined by religious or political spirits telling you how to win favor or gain recognition. No longer will you use formulas and liturgies to earn your way to spiritual enlightenment or get a seat up front. The charlatans who have sold the Church a false gospel are going to be shocked and humiliated when their cover is blown, for Purity and Humility are about to be exalted above Prestige and Fame.

Holy Spirit is about to pour Himself out upon those who have lived righteously. Done the right thing. When no one was watching. Gone unnoticed and tossed to the side. Consistently obeyed and trusted Him above all else.

The first shall become last. The last shall become first. The weak shall become strong. Those thought foolish will become the leaders of those once thought wise. Those who have little in the world’s eyes are about to be the richest of all. He is preparing His weaker vessels to be those vessels of His greatest glory.

Things are about to be turned inside out and upside down. It is the time of Kingdom exchange. That which has been of the flesh is being exchanged for realities unseen. It is a supernatural work that cannot be earned – only received. Cannot be taught – only accepted. The Grace to come will not trend as a fad or woo you to apathy. It will be a manifestation of glory. A manifestation of His presence to those who have simply trusted. Obeyed. Remained faithful and true.

Turn from the religious voices that treat you as slaves and listen for the Voice who whispers your name. No longer will you work for a master that robs you blind. The Father of the House is coming and rewards the heart that is His.

Stop and listen. Let His glory hover. He is right at your head. Lean towards His heart – and the rest will follow. Stay low and embrace that which you cannot comprehend for faith is born of things unseen. The darkness only purifies His vessels for the Light to come. Keep your lamps burning and go deep in Love.

The Upside-Down Kingdom is at hand.

The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. (Matthew 23:11-12 ESV)



Much of what the Lord will do in the coming days we’ve been prepared for. Especially for those who have walked with Him for many years, the lessons and victories from years past are going to come into focus once again. All the pieces are there. All that He’s walked you through and taught you in seasons past have been put in place to empower you for the journey ahead.

But, He’s going to take those pieces and put them in a different order. He is coming to reprioritize our mission. Some of the things we thought were more sidebar lessons will become a main focus. Some things we thought were important are going to be put on the back burner. This is all a part of the “reset” we will all experience. He is going to reorder our priorities because of the harvest to come.

For those who have been paying attention and listening to Holy Spirit’s gentle nudges in recent years, you will find that He’s been giving you what you need. Maybe you didn’t always recognize it, but He’s been giving you nuggets, insights, solutions, and other valuable pieces to the puzzle to complete the picture of your purpose. If you’re not sure – just stop, look, and listen.

We may feel like we’ve been walking with blinders on, but He’s had to do this to keep us focused. He knows our propensity to get distracted. But, He’s bigger than we comprehend, and His planning has been impeccable.

Your God has been watching and working on your behalf far longer than what you give Him credit for. You don’t have to feel it – just believe it.

You’re further along than you realize.
You’re stronger than you know.
It’s never been about how capable you feel – but how incredibly powerful He is inside of you.


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