Turnaround Season

No matter how hopeless or desperate the situation may seem, you are about to see your turnaround.

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Recently, in many of my prayer times, I have sensed a shift in my spirit. As I was in prayer just the other day, the Lord spoke to me and said, “It is a turnaround season.” I felt a surge of excitement in my spirit as the Lord said this. As I prayed into it, I could sense from the Lord that this was not just a personal word for me but for many in the body of Christ.
This is a turnaround season. In a season like this, things that seemed to be going one way will suddenly shift and begin to go in another direction. God’s favor and blessing are about to overtake many different areas and situations in this turnaround season. Things that have seemed to be a lost cause or even hopeless are about to turn around. So, get ready for it!

Over the next several days after the Lord spoke this to me, I felt the Lord say, “It’s not really what it looks like. When you see something or feel something, ask Me about it.” So I have been asking the Lord about almost everything. I saw some news on social media the other day and then heard about a few things that are going on in the world and I just felt from the Lord that same phrase, “It’s not really what it looks like.” I believe we need a greater level of discernment to navigate it with wisdom.

In this season, lean into the Lord, and listen carefully for His guidance and truth amongst all the noise. There are many things going on in the natural and narratives that are being presented that simply aren’t true. Don’t allow the natural things going on around you or even in the world to keep you from tuning into what God is saying and doing in this season. They are not what they seem. Things on the surface may seem chaotic and negative, but I want to remind and encourage you that God is about to turn things around.

I believe, in this season, we will see many different types of turnarounds. Many will see a turnaround in their family members and prodigals they have been praying for. Many will see different financial and business matters turnaround. You’ll see a turnaround in those situations where you may feel stuck or unable to move forward in this season. There will be turnarounds in ministries, workplaces, and communities.

I also believe we are about to see a great turnaround in America. I truly believe God is not finished with America and that His prophetic destiny for this country will come forth. The nations of the world will see a great turnaround from God in this hour!

God is turning things around for you in this turnaround season. Because you have sown, you will reap. No matter how hopeless or desperate the situation may seem, my friends, you are about to see your turnaround. In prayer, I felt just an overwhelming sense of the joy of the Lord come over me. You are about to experience joy and fulfillment in this season like never before.

We are in a turnaround season and when your turnaround has fully manifested, you want to be strong enough to run with whatever it is God has called you to do. Many times we allow ourselves to get weary and worn down in the waiting and then we are unable to celebrate or accelerate once we get our breakthrough. Draw near to the Lord in this season and allow Him to strengthen and encourage you as you wait in expectation for your turnaround because it is coming!

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