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True prophetic ministry does not profit the prophet.

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There is a vast difference between being a fearmonger and someone who speaks a prophetic word of warning. The word “monger” is defined as someone who deals or trades in a specific commodity, as in a fishmonger or a fearmonger. A monger profits from the item they sell. True prophetic ministry does not profit the prophet. It profits the Kingdom of God and glorifies the Lord, even if at the time of its delivery a prophetic word may not make sense to those who are unable to discern the times.

Discerning the difference between someone who promotes the commodity of fear for self-gain or someone who is speaking a warning of Heaven is an important distinction to make. The latter helps us know how to live our lives and relate to the unfolding dynamics taking place within a culture in peril. These concerning revelations are an opportunity to pray, prepare, and engage as led by the Spirit.

Most nights I have prophetic dreams. The details of these dreams can be concerning. They involve the Church, culture, and at times, individual lives. Most of what I dream is not for public distribution – mongering if you will for prophetic notoriety. They are to inform my prayers so I can become an interfering agent standing against the fulfillment of the dark scenarios the Spirit is highlighting. Many diversions are currently taking place wanting to gain our attention and focus. These diversions are well-crafted. Some of these diversions do need our attention, but they must not lead our lives or allow their accomplishment to become our hope. Something larger is in play.

We are living in a moment of tremendous social change. As dark as some things appear the light of God’s revelation will soon overcome that darkness with the brilliance of His revelation. If we pray, believe, and act to that end, we will take part in one of the greatest moves of God in history. As darkness unfolds what appears to be a well-crafted plan of global deception, God will turn those plans into vapor by just a single word from His mouth uttered at just the right time – a time known only to Him. When that happens, God, not the mongers of fear and doom, will get the glory.



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