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If your relationship with God is based upon anything besides that one truth, “Follow Jesus”, then you do not have a relationship with God.

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God is, was, and always will be. He’s the first, the last, and all the in-between. His word is His word and it shall always stand and always be relevant. Man will fall, life will change, and society will change, but God does not change. His word does not change. Man may interpret it a million ways, but it does not change. God is always, firstly, most importantly, in LOVE with people. That is number one above everything. But His truth never changes and sin will always be sin and needs to be dealt with by the sinner. I cannot change scripture to deal with your sin and you cannot change it to deal with mine. Truth is not relative but must be bathed in LOVE. No matter what preacher or spiritual leader falls to unwise choices, no matter what one might say or do to increase the Kingdom, compromising the Word of God will never, never, never improve anyone’s life or set forth sanctification. I cannot say anything that will save another. I can only reflect the LOVE that the One who does the saving places in me.

Quit waiting for some famous person to fix you. A movie star, singer, actor, politician, activists…or just an important friend. You are not called to agree with everyone, you are called to follow Christ. You are called to greater things. Things that have eternal ramifications, not follower numbers or Instagram popularity. God could care less about your numbers. How popular your video is. How much you have achieved in the eyes of people. Jesus, Himself, was so unpopular that the people made fun of Him as He was murdered for someone else’s crimes.

Oprah, Ellen, Biden, Furtick, Graham, Trump… None of these died for you! None of them offered to wash your sins away. Jesus is the only one qualified and He simply says “Follow me!” If your relationship with God is based upon anything besides that one truth, “Follow Jesus”, then you do not have a relationship with God.

We as the church need to get this. I see so many who are more concerned about the nonsense of what some politician did, or what some famous person said. None of these people are taking you to Heaven or letting you go to hell. Only One has that power, Jesus. He said to those who had done many things for Him and in His name, “Depart from me. I never knew you…” These were active members of the Church! But they never had that relationship with God.

Break off the thinking that it is important to know what the world is doing. The best way to spot a counterfeit is to know the real so well anything less is obvious. Get so close to God that anything less is obvious. You cannot do that by anything less than a real, genuine relationship with Him. Quit fooling around and worrying about what so and so is doing. Worry about your own self. Keep your nose in your own business. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Then all the things that are important will come your way. And no, social media is not one of those things. But in seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness first, you will see those things that begin to come for what they are: God’s tools and gifts.

We want those things to be stuff of Earth. Stuff of the flesh. Recognition, finances, new “stuff”, popularity. The things that will come to us will be things that are most important. And as we seek the Kingdom and His righteousness, those things will not be what we think they should be before true seeking begins. In the journey to seek the Kingdom, our priorities will change.

I struggle with the desire for earthly success. It’s natural. But remember, God is SUPERnatural. We are, literally, called to things that are not of the world or the mindset of the world.

The one truth that has rattled me the most in the last few months is that nothing about true Christianity should cause me to sit comfortably. Nothing. Not even the desires of my heart. In a way, we should be most uncomfortable when we are comfortable.

Life as a man seeking to be like Jesus should be filled with the discomfort that everyone around me needs the truth inside of me and that without it they shall spend a billion years burning in the pit of hell.

Jesus wept. Do we?



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