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The ability to contact spirits is often passed from one generation to the next within receptive families, which may account in part for its name, “familiar.”

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Enchanters, soothsayers, sorcerers, and psychics are not prophets of the Lord. Where you get your revelation matters. These sources are carnal and demonic. A true prophet of the Lord operates from revelation which is something that is uncovered and revealed by Holy Spirit to the prophet. 

Psychics operate from information through a familiar spirit. A familiar spirit and a spirit of divination are very similar in nature. In fact, it is not unusual for a number of strongmen to gang up together if it serves their purpose.

When there is no clear-cut distinction between these two spirits, I just bind both of them at the same time in the name of Jesus.

A familiar spirit is usually involved in the areas of necromancy (supposed consultation with the dead), spirit mediums, clairvoyance, yoga, spiritists, psychic powers, transcendental meditation (T.M.), astro-projecting, extra-sensory perception (ESP), cocaine, crack, and other mind-altering drugs, internal trance inspiration or direct second sight such as dreams, internal visions, and passive mind states, as well as trance channeling.

The ability to contact spirits is often passed from one generation to the next within receptive families, which may account in part for its name, “familiar.” The word familiar comes from the root word family.

Even though someone may have accepted Christ as his Savior, it is still necessary to renounce in an audible voice any past experiences he, or members of his family, may have had with any of these practices. It is possible for a Christian to be harassed by demonic forces that believe they still have access rights to him because of their past affiliations with either him or his family.

Most of us are unaware of the relationships our grandparents or great-grandparents may have had with Satan. We don’t know whether they delved into the occult and other forbidden practices, either purposely or through ignorance. Understand now, our relatives’ pasts cannot make us demon-possessed if we are now living according to God’s Word. It simply means that we must close those doors permanently in our lives, which we would certainly have done earlier had we known it was necessary. 

We inform Satan and his harassing demons that, based on the Word of God, we are breaking all pacts we or our relatives may have made in the past with him because we are now under new ownership. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus.

This is nothing new, psychics are posing as prophets today. That’s why the Lord has warned us explicitly that His people perish for a lack of knowledge.


Written by Ciara Leilani




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