Kingdom Kids: Top 5 Ways to Love Your Family

Easy ways to bless your family!

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Do your parents need a treat?  Do they work their heads off each day? Show some of God’s love to them by loving them in different ways than a hug. Let’s look at 5 ways to love your family!  Let’s start:

  1. Make a HUGE card.

This may be a little tricky but if you have a big roll of huge paper like I do this will be easy, fun and it will show your thankfulness for your family.

  1. Make cookies

Find an old recipe for cookies, a cake, or something else that your parent likes. Make it and surprise them!

  1. Make a bouquet of flowers

Find some flowers to pick. Then give them to your parent. I’m sure they will love it.

  1. Draw a picture

Most adults love pictures drawn for them. Make it creative, cute, nice, and whatever else you want to make it. Just remember to have fun!

  1. Do a mini-show

Do a small show with singing, dancing, or any talent you are good at. They will feel super special. No doubt, they will LOVE it.


Hope you got some ideas. Now go bless your family in a brand new way!


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