To Those Searching For Answers

This is the hour to speak forth the truth of what you know for it is the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth alone that will set the captives free.

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A few days ago, the Lord woke me and began sharing with me that many are still searching for answers. Ways that will ease their conscience and direction for the future. He told me that He is waiting at the door but the door knock is very subtle. You must listen for the knock for it is being drowned out by the loud noise of the many voices distracting his knock. The Lord says these are the days of Noah. No this is not the beginning of the end, but for many it is. The end of corruption, bigotry, ancestral theft, poverty, ministry apathy, corrupt dealings (scandals), hidden slavery, insurmountable pain, death from decree and lastly overlooking the Father’s heart. These things shall surely come to an end in this new era.

You who have chosen to serve Jesus. This message is for you. You must no longer hide your faith. This is the hour to speak forth the truth of what you know for it is the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth alone that will set the captives free. Nothing else will liberate the lost soul or the broken spirit. He says, “do not waiver in this one thing for I have chosen you to be alive during this generation to speak forth my truths.”

Penalty. I hear the word “penalty of perjury” in my spirit right now.“This is the hour where the books are open and the Court has been seated.” Perjury by definition is the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. ( “Many have perjured themselves in open defiance to the wisdom and word of the Spirit of God. Repentance is key. Whatever and I must stress whatsoever it is that the Lord brings to your attention, repent of it. This is an hour where all hidden things are brought out in the open and to an account. Do not waiver on this!

Cure. I hear the word “vaccine is not your God” or is it? The Lord says, “the truth is that many have turned to medicine as their savior instead of The Savior. Was my bloodshed not enough? I am and always will be your cure and your vaccine. Do not fear the mind and motives of men for nothing is hidden from me. I will expose and even deny the formal authorities’ request to present to the masses an artificial substance that will do more harm than good. Watch! Watch as my hand shifts the narrative in mid-sentence for not even the false media cackles will be heard when I remove the veil.”

Substance. I hear the words, “substance will now be fed to my sheep. There was a season where what was fed to my sheep was not at all of substance. Many were full-on lies and innuendos but not my true meat. I am now raising up a remnant of soldiers who have my battle-ax ready and my war cry on their lips. Satan cannot stop what is coming but he wants you to believe that he is in control. Laugh! I laugh at this mirage of ideas but I weep at the gross inconsistency that my shepherds have displayed. Woe! Woe to the ones who refuse to repent and move out of the way. Your time is up! I have found suitable replacements that are not known and have not been heard of before. Celebrity status is not of me. Popularity is not of me. I was shunned at all turns and so have these faithful few. The wealth and resources shall be transferred and they will begin the new movement of my Spirit in the earth. For their hearts are circumcised and their eyes are steadfast on me. True manna and substance will feed my sheep once again. Get rid of your idols you call pastors for many are not of me.”

“Parents stay close to your children. This is an hour where many are being led astray by the seducing spirit. Teach them and cover them. For I am watching and able to restore anything that has been removed. I am a good Father and I desire that families are once again put back together in My name it shall be so.”


Written by Ciara Leilani

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