Three Dreams About President Trump

I believe the prophetic words that have been spoken and that he will have two terms. 

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FIRST DREAM – September 2020

Two weeks ago I had a dream of President Trump.  In it, I was in a part of the White House in a room filled with many of His supporters when a strange-looking intruder came into the room with malicious intent.  He was dressed strangely and he was very big and tall. 

I went to the President who was sleeping on a bed and woke him up. I told him, President, the stranger is here. He sat up and told me that he was thirsty and would like a Pepsi to drink.  

At the time I had this dream it seemed strange to me and I didn’t know how to process it until I heard about how the President and his wife have been diagnosed with coronavirus.  

The stranger with malicious intent is this coronavirus and the President was caught off guard by it.  When the president asked for a Pepsi in the dream I had no idea what that meant until now.  Pepsi when it was first developed in North Carolina by a pharmacist was considered a medicinal drink that pepped up one’s energy.  The President was asking for healing in the dream. 

I believe we are being called to pray for President Trump.  I believe that he will be fine and a wave of healing will flow over him as we pray.  He will be invigorated and a new wind will come to his sails.  

This intruder may have invaded but it was exposed and God will have his way. Many mockers will wish the President harm but what the enemy meant for harm God will turn around and make out for his good. 

SECOND DREAM – August 2016

I remember that when the president was campaigning for the 2016 election I had another dream. In this dream, I saw an assassination spirit at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC that was coming against the political powers of our time. 

Over the last few months, I keep seeing Abraham Lincoln and even painted him. 

I feel Donald Trump is very much an Abraham Lincoln figure. He is a controversial figure but God created him for this time. He is not loved by everyone and very much hated by many. I personally have family members that curse his breath.  

Lincoln was not loved by everyone either and even an actor assassinated him. Which is very much like what many in Hollywood wish for the president today.

I’ve been in intercession for him for four years against the spirit of assassination. As you have witnessed that through his time in office many have tried to take him out – the Mueller investigations, the impeachment, and now coronavirus. No one has succeeded because Trump – like him or not – has a destiny from God.  The Lord will succeed with his instrument.  


Even now that same spirit is trying to take him out. But I believe the prophetic words that have been spoken and that he will have two terms. 


The third dream that I had was back in 2017. In the dream, I saw Donald Trump with gold in his hands and he handed it to the middle-class Americans. There was such joy in the people he handed it too.  I knew that there would be an economic come back to America and that they would experience new riches.

When coronavirus hit back in March the US economy was at its greatest ever for the American people but with coronavirus, the economy went into recession. There has been much recovery since then. Donald Trump has been an instrument of God used to increase the wealth of the American nation.

Even with his second term, there will come greater wealth to the people of America.

The enemy has tried everything to take him out but I declare that it will not succeed.  God will invigorate him and fresh wind will come upon him to complete the task that God has in store for him.

The church needs to pray and God will use our prayer to help his destiny be completed.



Written by Darren Canning



This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Darren Canning Ministries 

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