This Isn’t All About You!

Things really just don’t feel right- every day the enemy seems to take ground.

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As I lay in my bed this morning

Half thinking and half praying

Talking to the Lord about current events

I found myself, truthfully, saying

“Lord, I just don’t understand what’s going on

Things really just don’t feel right

Every day the enemy seems to take ground

Though we pray all day and all night

We have repented, fasted, and sought Your relief

But evil seems to be taking the upper hand

I know You haven’t forsaken us, never—

But what’s really going on in our land?”

The Lord patiently listened as I questioned

Just why His hand has not been apparent

Injustice and deception have flourished

While our prayers just appeared to be errant

Well, the Lord reminded me of how blessed we’ve been

And how He has made us the leading world power

Peace and prosperity have been our portion

But we have now entered a much different hour!

The devil’s been diligently working on a plot

For decades he’s been gathering his crew

Demons and humans working in concert

Creating a swamp of deception—trying to trap me— and you

Then the Lord said something that shut me right up

And I realized, anew, our true position in prayer

“This isn’t all about you, it’s about the lost!—

And I intend to save them, no matter the cost!”

Deception and injustice have blossomed and bloomed

To the point that we sometimes feel like we’re doomed

We’ve missed all the comfort in which we’d been living

Covid, stolen election, great grief have been giving!

And we’ve cried out to God for relief from our trouble

“Please fix it, God—You surely have the power!”

We have been praying for comfort of body and mind

That’s kind of been the focus of the hour

While God has been sitting on His Heavenly throne

Looking down on His storm-tossed world

Patiently waiting until just the right time

To let His righteous vengeance be unfurl’d

He knows who is His, He has counted His sheep

He knows the lost who will respond to disaster

They should be the undenied focus of our prayers

That these lost would come running to the Master

His will is that none should perish—His love extends to us all

Maybe some zealot for evil—will turn from a Saul to a Paul

Maybe some congregations, misled by a misled pastor

Will find out who God really is, in the midst of a disaster

So God sits in His heaven and watches and waits 

While prayers of the saints fill the bowls

Letting evil perpetrators seal their own fate

While He’s collecting a harvest of souls!



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