This is When Things Turn Around 

Remember that I can do anything and no purpose of Mine can be withheld.

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Like a pearl that has been formed from an outside irritant that made its way into the oyster, I will use the difficulties that have been against you to comfort you and bless you. 

This is when things turn around and everything becomes much better than before. I am always Sovereign above all things and nothing can stand in the way of My blessings. 

Dive deeper and go to a place that is beyond what you can see. Close your eyes to the limitations of how things seem. I will show you the blessings of the unseen to satisfy all of your needs. 

Swim beneath the sand bar and move beyond the great coral reef. Go past those situations that look completely hopeless. Remember that I can do anything and no purpose of Mine can be withheld.

Feel My presence alongside you, like the water that moves through your fingers and covers your skin. See My promises like pearls shimmering upon an open shell.

Hold My words with your hands and feel how I have smoothed things out. I will make beauty for you during this time when it seems like there is nothing to help. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of My promise and realize that you already have it. Nothing can stand in the way of My love and there is nothing that can sabotage My endless support. 

I will do something that lifts your heart and puts an ear-to-ear smile upon your face. Even when you are being invaded by fears and threats, you will encounter more of My goodness than you could ever expect. 

Don’t worry, I have thought of everything! I have caused things to come out smooth, beautiful, and straight into your hands. Just rest in My care and trust Me to finish what I have started. 

You will encounter the beauty of My comfort in the midst of your grief and I will protect you from those things that you fear from ever coming to the surface. I will show up to take care of you and honor My words.

I will comfort you in a way that leaves a lasting effect. You will be delighted with even better than you expect. Those oppositions have been smoothed out–this is when it all turns around!



Written by Dannette Lynn


This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Diamonds from the Dust

Featured Image by Schäferle from Pixabay


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