There is Still Time – I Am Resetting the Clock

The fulfillment of my promise may have been delayed but it will come!

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In prayer recently, I saw an ancient wooden clock face. I could hear the ticking as the second hand came up to the 12 to ring the bell on the hour.

The small hand was almost at 1. 

I saw the second hand reach the 12 and felt an urgency- as if something needed to be done or completed by a certain time.  There was a feeling that things were not ready. 

Then the long hand hit the 12 and the bell rang to say it was 1 o’clock. After the bell rang there was total silence, and nothing happened.

I was confused by this because moments earlier I felt an urgency for there to be a completeness of things fulfilled that had not been fulfilled yet, and because they were unfinished, I assumed there would be a failure, a breakdown, or a crumbling of something that would unveil before me.

But there was just silence.

So I inquired of the Lord and He said; “Many feel they have run out of time. Many feel if things have not been completed in the time frame they expected there would be a breakdown or failure on their part. But this is not the case!”

I also felt the Lord say this clock was not just a personal time clock but a world one. There are things that were meant to have taken place by now in terms of repositioning and breakthroughs not just for people but for specific nations that have not taken place in the time expected or required.

But contrary to what you expect, the Lord wants you to know that calamity and failure do not await you or the nations. 

I then heard the Father say: “THERE IS STILL TIME. I am resetting the clock and I am redeeming the time so that which I want to accomplish will be fulfilled. My purpose WILL be done on the earth and I will not share my glory with another. The fulfillment of my promise may have been delayed but it will come!” 

I then saw His hand come out of the sky and wind the clock back an hour. And the countdown began again.

So if you are feeling today that you have missed the mark in some way, the Lord wants you to know there is still time. Do not sit out or bow out, come back to your purpose and mission with a renewed sense of vigor and refreshing to start again! For that which He has spoken cannot return to Him empty-  for He has spoken it and His words will release creation and life!


Is 55:11

So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them.


Written by Roma Waterman

Featured Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixaba



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