The Wilderness

When you find yourself in the wilderness, I encourage you to lean into the land marked by His faithfulness.

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The wilderness should never be defined as a place absent of God’s presence or voice. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The wilderness is often utilized as the place of preparation for His greatest promises. The Father awaits us in the wilderness, fully aware of what we are about to step into. The wilderness is a place where desperation drives us to seek the depths of His heart. It’s a space of deep emotion, reflection, processing, and an invitation for healing. The wilderness is a place where he speaks wisdom, brings clarity, prepares us within the crushing, and releases us into the season and assignments ahead. The wilderness experience is never wasted. It is not a dry or parched land, in fact, it is saturated with deep waters filled with His relentless love and endless grace.

Jesus, Elijah, Joshua, Moses, David, and many others found themselves traveling through the wilderness. They were met with grief, sorrow, and pain, yet experienced deep encounters with God and received beautiful promises on the other side. Jesus is our compass within the wilderness. He guides us as we navigate the unknown territory, and gives us glimpses of light, hope, and revelation. He leads us out into the light, where it all begins to make sense, and we find purpose out of the pain and sorrow. The wilderness is now marked with ‘significance’, and we find ourselves in awe of the wilderness experience. We think, “Wow, I never thought I’d make it out.” I see Jesus smiling, brushing off the dirt, submerging His children in crystal clear waters, and clothing them with new robes of righteousness.” They are now ready for the promised land! for such a time as this, they find themselves prepared, equipped, and humbled by His love. The wilderness strips pride, and independence, and gives a great understanding of the fruit of full surrender. The fruit of allowing the gentle sergeant to restore hearts and bring back to life what felt dead.

We never know how long we are destined to be in the wilderness. For some it is a longer span than for others, however, there is an expiration date for each one. The day where pain then meets promise. When you find yourself in the wilderness, I encourage you to lean into the land marked by His faithfulness. Don’t resist, don’t avoid, trust the process, trust Him, lean in, and expect to experience His goodness. He never leads us into a place we will not be found in Him. In His embrace, His love, His comfort, His peace, His rest.

Call me grateful, call me thankful, call me crazy! I find myself wildly loving and resisting this wilderness land. I didn’t see it coming and there is no way back. I choose to lean in and grab the hand of Jesus as He leads me out.

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