The Why of Waiting

We exhaust our bodies, our already weary minds with ideas and plans

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We wait because when that face is finally visible…
In a moment,
or a breakthrough
or a wind blowing pollen away
or a heavy rain that leaves the ground richer shades than before –
there is a celebration more authentic than what we could have dreamed.

NO- we couldn’t have come up with this.
We exhaust our bodies, our already weary minds with ideas and plans and makeshift solutions…

Or we face the friction of waiting.
The pushing against the fear that says “my way is better and immediate”
We dig our heels in and we wait.

Yes it’s there, with our heel marks deep in the mud that we pitch flimsy tents

and force our frantic limbs to come to rest.
We surrender to our own helplessness –
It feels like hopelessness
Surely not.

Written by: Madeline Wike


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