The Warfare is Breaking

You will now suffocate your enemies as you proceed into an atmosphere that’s not conducive to their survival. 

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As I have been away with the Lord, He has shown me an onslaught of attacks against many in the body of Christ. There has been a lethargic, slothful spirit that has been trying to attach itself to many. Every time you awaken in the morning, hours of sleep feel like just minutes. There has been a cloud of confusion and chaos as the spirit of python has been seeking to coil itself around your being. There have been emotional ups and downs as your feelings and words seem twisted. Every time you seem to contend and conquer a wave of warfare you turn around to encounter another.

I see fog around many, where you have been trying to navigate but can barely see what’s in front of you. Just when everything felt like it was breaking and shifting, and you even said “everything is going right in my life,” you experienced a wave of warfare that sought to take you out. It sought to create a cloud of confusion around you, where your knowledge of its whereabouts was skewed. The result of this attack is the same as it is in natural warfare. 

In the military, they use what’s called a smoke grenade or flashbang. What happens is they throw this grenade in an attempt to blind and/or temporarily deafen their enemy. Once the grenade goes off it erupts in a pulsating light and sound causing blindness and deafness to those around it. In addition to their own vulnerability to attack, their panic may cause them to begin firing frantically, taking out their own team in what is known as “friendly fire.” 

Many of you have experienced an attack of the enemy that has sought not only to take you out but also your relationships. It has twisted words and emotions in an attempt to create division because the enemy knows if he can divide he can conquer. There has been a spirit of leviathan specifically assigned to keep you out of your advancement, and out of your promise. 

I want to prophesy to you today, every fiery dart of the enemy is falling on dead ground! I break this cloud of confusion and chaos off of you. I see personal encounters and visitations as Jesus himself is showing up in the midst of your warfare. I see Him taking you by the hand and bringing you up higher. He is bringing you to a realm of His glory and His presence, an atmosphere where snakes and serpents can’t survive. He says it’s time to rise up my beloved and come away with me. As you allow me to bring you up, what was meant to suffocate you will now suffocate your enemies as you proceed into an atmosphere that’s not conducive to their survival. 

The trick of the enemy is for you to lower yourself to engaging in warfare on an equal playing field. However, you have the higher ground! You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. You have the power and authority to tread on the heads of serpents and scorpions. Remember who you are son, remember who you are daughter.

I cancel every attack and assignment against your life. I break every word curse spoken against you and over you. I silence the voice of the enemy and break this spiritual deafness that has caused your ear to be turned from hearing the voice of God. Breakthrough is your portion, increase is your portion. You have got to come up higher. I pray for the peace of God over you, peace that surpasses all understanding. I declare a renewal of strength. You will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint. I prophesy a fresh wind getting ready to hit your belly. The wind of the Lord is catching the sail of your vessel and causing it to shift course. The cloud of confusion is breaking and you will see the shore says the Lord.

God is releasing angelic assistance for the assignment at hand, and I break loose every angel that has been caught up in warfare in the heavenly’s. I Prophecy a braking of the waves, and I command a disruption in this repetitive cycle that has sought to become part of your spiritual DNA. I declare a fresh fire over you now. Raise your head up, pick up your sword, and take the land. The victory is yours says the Lord.




Written by Tyler Medina




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