The Veil was Torn

Reverential Fear of The LORD shall return to My Church.

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This is not a particularly new revelation, but solid confirmation of what is to come — soon!

I hear and read so many prophets currently speaking about waves, signs, and wonders, and so on concerning the coming move.

Today I heard two Words that actually jump-started my thinking. I heard “veil” and “different”, and my spirit jumped within me, so I sought The LORD right away to see why these words registered with me.

I hear The LORD calling all who would be a part of this move, to come behind the veil. He tore it at Calvary so that we might have access to His presence.

Once again, The LORD is calling us to abide, spend time, and linger behind the veil in His presence.

He wants to talk with us, a two-way conversation in which He reveals Himself and His plans to us, and we ask for clarity and comprehension.

I hear The LORD turn to ‘different’ and I ask Him to clarify His meaning to us.

“This coming move of My Spirit,” says The LORD, “will be so very different, and more powerful, than anything yet experienced by mankind.

My Spirit has moved powerfully in previous Revivals, but you’ve never seen anything like that which I have coming to you in this next move!” says God.

“As you come behind the veil and spend time with Me, so your desire to ‘be holy even as I AM Holy’ shall develop and increase. Reverential Fear of The LORD shall return to My Church.

Technology is available today such as has never been available before. Every language group is accessible to you, every island, every hidden tribe — all are accessible with technology.

Children have rarely been used in Revival before, yet recently, I have demonstrated My Power through children more and more than ever before.

Does My Word not say that, unless you come as a child, you shall not see the kingdom of heaven?

Watch, for children shall more and more feature in signs and wonders as My Spirit works with you and among you.

You will see ‘Greater than these’ miracles happening. I AM sending Angels with great miracles — regenerated limbs, limbs/ organs where none even existed,” says God.

The LORD showed me here people walking away from terrible accidents with no scratch — where no life would be deemed possible!

“Resurrections will become ‘normal’!” says The LORD. “In the hospital, in the street, in your meetings — My Power shall be demonstrated as in My Word!” (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

I see road accident victims raised out of the ambulance with not a mark on them — bones mended, severed limbs back in place, and photographic evidence to back it up!

“People of other faiths, of false religions and gods, will turn to Me in their millions — despite real and threatened persecution for doing so!

They have been misguided and taught falsely for too long,” says The LORD, “and I AM already revealing Myself to them.

Many have never even heard of Me, but I AM getting ready to bring a huge, billion soul harvest into My barns!” says The LORD.

After this, I saw thousands of ordinary people, like you and me, anointed by The LORD Himself to go bring the harvest in.

I saw The Church ministering to the last, the least, and the lost. I saw miracles taking place daily in the supermarket, in the post office, in the bank, in the cafes, and on the streets — all by God using very ordinary, usually untrained people.

I read newspaper stories. I watched televised interviews. People saying things like, “I just felt led to pray for them — and pop! — The LORD healed them! Glory to God!”

No glory grabbers, no limelight stealers, no boasters — just ordinary, everyday people — mums, dads, grandmas, even little kids — all doing Kingdom work, in Kingdom time, by Kingdom divine appointment!



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