The United States of America – A Captured Nation on the Precipice

Washington DC is a criminal enterprise. Most everyone there is either part of the regime, an enabler, or a co-conspirator.

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OPINION – Last September, I wrote an article entitled If the Enemy Occupied the White House… that detailed the newly installed regime’s body of work over its first several months in power. Day in and day out, we continue to get new information in the form of actions, inactions, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, rhetoric, and lies that remove any supposition.

Make no mistake—the enemy is clearly in the White House!

The ineptitude, incoherency, incompetence, and inarticulate ramblings of the doddering puppet and his giddy back-up sometimes paper over the fact that they are fully sold out and diametrically opposed to our best interests.

There is no bridge too far for either of them to carry out the plans of the CCP and the Davos Ruling Elite to destroy this nation, punish us, institute full-blown communism, and implement one world order.

This is not to suggest that these two are the architects or strategists of this regime and the nose-diving direction of this nation. Neither of them is capable of much more than figuring out which flavor of ice cream to order or which blue pantsuit to wear today. Each teleprompter flub, each outrageous off-the-cuff remark, each wildly inappropriate and interminably-long cackle, and each inane word salad statement highlight that these two installed vessels are anything but in control.

It is readily apparent that there are others behind them pulling the strings and pushing the buttons—from the obvious smooth-talking megalomaniac to the closet Marxists to the globalist psychopaths.

It is also readily apparent that there is an entire ecosystem around them to provide cover and effect their wicked schemes.

I truly despise this regime and the evil they perpetrate. Despite what the reported election “results” say or the reprehensible Fox News might try to tell you, I believe that the majority of the electorate is right there with me.

We have no greater worldly enemy than this shadow cabal that brazenly and blatantly continues to accelerate their plans to fundamentally transform this nation, thin the herd, and institute global dominance, control, and tyranny.

Washington DC is a criminal enterprise. Most everyone there is either part of the regime, an enabler, or a co-conspirator. Most blue states have become replicas. And, as we painfully learned with the 2020 election, the wickedness and corruption have metastasized to many red states such as Georgia and Arizona.

The Democratic lust for full-blown tyranny is not-so-slyly facilitated by the other half of the Communist Uniparty, otherwise known as the GOP. On the Federal level, establishment types such as Lindsey, Liz, Mitt, and Mitch barely even try to hide it anymore.

The latest primary debacle in Georgia, and the recent recall election in California, have provided more confirmation that we can’t vote our way out of this horrible mess. Only the deeply corrupt, willfully blind, or woefully lacking believe that the 2020 election was the most secure in history or that we have “free and fair” elections in this nation. We can now locate 2000 Mules who would have an incredibly difficult time keeping a straight face when presented with that notion.

Of course, this is not to say that We the People should not make every effort humanly possible to turn out and vote as if our lives depend on it—because they do. At a minimum, doing so makes it harder to cheat—especially considering that the cheaters are often not the sharpest tools in the shed.

But, it’s going to take a lot more than that to stop the slow-motion train wreck that is being orchestrated in this nation. It is going to require leaving our comfort zones to become active participants rather than waiting for someone or some others to save us. It is going to require a unified stand to just say “No!” to those in government who want to rob us blind and control us in every way.

It is going to require We the People to plan, organize, coordinate, and mobilize. We need to get deeply involved at every level of government and restore the integrity of our elections. In fact, our greatest opportunities for near-term success are at the state and local levels.

It may necessitate turning our backs on the enablers that are big tech, big business, corporate media, big medicine, big Pharma, academia, sports, and entertainment. We need to “build back better” with alternatives to these mostly corrupt tools of the enemy.

This may pose ample hardship and angst, but as they say—no pain, no gain.

We need the church to wake up and desire to preserve the inalienable rights given to us by God over membership growth, finances, and celebrity. We need them to be watchmen on the wall to sound the trumpets and engage in powerful intercession for our nation, our people, and our faith.

In totality, all of the above is going to require the abundant courage, tenacity, and wisdom demonstrated by our forefathers who founded this nation.

We must also recognize the dire nature and the extreme urgency of the situation. Our window is closing. The noose is tightening. The clock is approaching the midnight hour. We are standing on the precipice.

Whatever your chosen metaphor—time is truly of the essence to take back this nation before it is irreparably destroyed and full-blown tyranny prevails.

I invite you to read or re-read If the Enemy Occupied the White House… Are these the actions of an Executive Branch looking out for our best interests and well-being—or are they the actions of a mortal enemy?

The fall on the other side of the precipice is long, hard, and devastating. I continue to watch intensely and pray fervently—consider this another trumpet call.


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  1. Mike Wahl says:

    Gary, your comments convey the concern we all should have. Working at the local level IS our best choice, but most voters are unwilling to vote to unseat an incumbent, no matter how atrocious their political views and actions are accumulating and installing evil into our social structure. We need to pray for these enemies, and work hard to dislodge them is they won’t change to comply with God’s will.. Our hope lies in the grace of our Creator Father.