The Truth That Heals

We are immersed in a culture that says the truth is whatever we want it to be, and self-centered living is the key to freedom. God tells us it’s His truth that convicts and actually sets us free to live fruitful and abundant lives.

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What does it mean to be a biblical Christian today? It’s a big and broad question to be sure, but I am struck lately at the many different interpretations of that question. I see kids go through years of wonderfully positive Christian education only to toss it all away when they go to college. On the other hand, I see single moms with no support system show up to Bible study faithfully each week longing to know more of Jesus.

The differences fascinate me. The way we respond to the truth is a big deal, and it has far-reaching implications in the way we live our lives.

The Word of God is referred to as living and powerful, a weapon (Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians 6:17). It is our weapon against all kinds of falsehoods, sin, and distraction. Oftentimes, though, we don’t really use it in that way. We tame it, water it down a bit, and shape it around our own personal agendas.

How do we keep from becoming a Christian in name only? By staying connected to the Source. A branch that connects with the vine can’t help but produce fruit. A branch that is cut off can’t produce anything, no matter how hard it may try. Jesus was pretty straightforward in His teachings to us; He told us the only way to bear good fruit is to remain connected to Him (John 15:5). He is the source; He is what we draw from. There are entire groups of folks out there who say that speaking up for biblical truth hurts people. Jesus never tried to make anyone comfortable in their sin; He came to save them from it. Everyone He touched was proof that it is the truth that sets us free.

We just can’t fake fruit, though, no matter how hard we may try. It doesn’t appear overnight but with time and constant abiding. Fruit comes when we take God at His word and understand that, though the truth may sear, it also heals. God never expects us to be perfect, but we do need to be intentional. What we do with the revealed truth in His Word will make all the difference in our lives.


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