The Task at Hand: Perfect Love (Part 1)

Jesus is coming on the scene with the one thing that cannot be conquered nor conformed to the ways of the world. His perfect love.  

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“The task at hand is to live in the overflowing joy of relationship with God, all because of what Jesus Christ did for us.”

This is our assignment. Our daily walk, relationship with God in the Garden just as in the beginning.  

This can be obtained now, here on earth.  It’s our time to experience the beauty of His Glory each and every day. 

Jesus stands over his bride pouring liquid love from a pitcher into her heart.  It’s pure love; living water with everything anyone could ever want or desire.  In this love are mercy and grace, overflowing continual forgiveness.  Forgiveness waiting to be released as soon as the bride makes the slightest move in his direction.  

Jesus pours and pours; the pitcher never runs dry, eternal love.  

The bride receives as if she’s deserving, she’s undone at the measure of love that is unlike any other love.  It’s complete, making us flawless in the eyes of our Father.  

As Jesus pours his love into the heart of the bride, she becomes full, love is splashing over; overflowing.  

Others come thirsting for what’s being offered and lay by her side to receive the overflow of this perfect love.  People surround the bride longing to experience a love that is so complete it makes the receiver flawless in the sight of the one who will judge the world.  

Jesus pours out his love, a river flowing deep and wide filling hearts as quickly as people can position themselves to receive.  

Many are perplexed as they try to understand this love that requires nothing in return yet creates a burning desire with each heart to express love in return and to one another.  

Jesus kneels next to his bride as he continues to pour out this river of love.  He whispers, “This is my gift, perfect righteousness before our Father, there will always be more than enough grace to triumph over sin, this sin-conquering grace will reign as king through righteousness, imparting my eternal life to all who receive.”

Though it’s only a whisper all who have come to receive hear this message burning in their hearts.  

Something new is about to happen. Christ is pouring out a fresh measure of his perfect love cause the bride to fall in love with Jesus in a deeper and more intimate way.  This is the first step to reviving the church and ushering in those who are lost without love. They have searched the world over, tried every form of earthly love, and still find themselves empty and searching.  

The pouring out of perfect love like a river, overflowing into the hearts of those who desire to be loved, accepted, and forgiven is the start of something that will transform the world.  

The upheaval is all about conformity to the ways of what appears to be freedom and liberty but is actually bondage like we’ve never seen.  Darkness upon the earth.

Jesus is coming on the scene with the one thing that cannot be conquered nor conformed to the ways of the world. 

His perfect love.  

It will transform the bride of Christ, his body to become an instrument that overflows with the love of God.  

You will begin to hear words like, overflow, abounding joy, everlasting peace, unending forgiveness being preached from pulpits all around the world.  The love of God, his perfect love will be the central theme. 

Those who have ears to hear will not be able to consume it all, they will overflow and touch others with this perfect love that only comes from one source, one Well, Jesus Christ the Messiah.  The living Sacrifice.  

This is not a love that can be talked about or reasoned, understood, or explained; no this love can only be experienced when one postures themself to receive the overflowing love of God.

This is the relationship between the Bridegroom and the bride.  This wedding has an open invitation for all to experience a love that causes the receiver to be flawless in the eyes of the beholder, Our God, our Father. 

What to expect.  

Increased passion and desire for the things of God from initiated by the Spirit within.  Not an external motivation. 

Increase the flow of the Love of God within your heart to the point of splashing out and overflowing;  greater love for God and for others.  Even those who oppose you.  

A heart that is quick to turn and receive forgiveness.  Less resistance, less defensiveness. An openness to receive and less desire to defend.  

Increased hunger for righteousness and holiness.  A desire to know Jesus and experience Him in a deep intimate relationship.  A dying to performance and works, seeking approval.  There will be a knowledge deep within the soul that you’re already approved by the blood of Christ.  

Time, talent, and treasure will be offered without hesitation.  This will become our love response. 

I see children splashing one another with the love of God, unabashedly splashing each other, full of joy and laughter.  

Expect your heart to be turned upside down with the Perfect Love of God and the compassion of the Good Samaritan.  




Featured Image by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

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