The Spiritual Side of this Election: Why I Plan to Vote for Trump

Ultimately, I believe that the long-term consequences of this election could have a far-reaching impact on generations to come.

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I have prayed about and wrestled through sharing my thoughts on the upcoming election. Elections and politics tend to be so divisive in our culture and there are strong opinions on various sides. I understand that people have many reasons for having varying political perspectives and my goal is never to shame another’s view or get into unproductive arguments.

Ultimately, I believe that the long-term consequences of this election could have a far-reaching impact on generations to come. I believe this truth outweighs any potential short-term misunderstandings or repercussions for sharing my thoughts in the midst of an increasingly cancel culture.

Below are some of the spiritual, political, and practical reasons why I plan to vote for President Trump on November 3rd.


What the Prophets, Intercessors, and Witches Tell Us

The pundits predicted Hillary. The prophets predicted Trump. Against all odds, and to the astonishment of many, Trump won the 2016 election. This was truly a divine intervention. Like him or not, God sovereignly picked Trump and is using him in unusual ways.

Witches organize curses and spells against Trump, while godly intercessors lift up a prayer shield around him. The fact that the kingdom of darkness so deliberately opposes President Trump should be cause for believers to recognize God’s hand on him. When have you ever seen witches publicly organizing curses against a U.S. president?

When many prophets of God stand with Trump, and witches and occult practitioners stand against him, it gives us some insight into the spiritual side of things. Clearly, there is a spiritual battle going on beyond the natural and political ramifications. And it seems evident that God is using Trump for His purposes, regardless of his past sins or present character flaws. The powers of darkness and the “powers that be” have it out for Trump—this is significant insight for Christians to consider.


Abortion and Religious Freedom

The Trump/Pence ticket is pro-life, more so than any administration I have seen. Meanwhile, the Biden/Harris ticket is radically pro-abortion. Have you considered that dealing with the scourge of abortion could be the highest priority on God’s heart right now for our nation? Protecting the unborn is by far the biggest justice and human rights issue of our time. This being the case, Trump in office makes perfect sense from a spiritual perspective.

Aside from the innate atrocity of slaughtering our most vulnerable population, the spiritual implications of legalized abortion are beyond what we realize. The shedding of innocent blood brings great defilement to land and is a wide-open door to demonic powers—see Psalm 106:37-38 for one example. I could never vote for a person who thinks that murdering babies should be legal or that it is a “right.” A pro-abortion candidate or politician will have a hard time convincing me that they care about human rights or the marginalized, no matter how pious and caring they try to sound.

Trump is pro-religious liberty. This nation was founded upon religious freedom, and yet this has been challenged at unprecedented levels in recent times. I want a president (regardless of his religious affiliation) who will uphold this basic constitutional right. Trump also stands with Israel, which has positive biblical and spiritual implications.


National Strength, Law and Order, and the Economy

Contrary to the dire warnings that Trump would bring us into world war three, he is the first president since Reagan to not get us into a new war. And now he is successfully helping to negotiate peace deals in the middle east and being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Who would have thought?

Trump is for law and order, strong borders, the second amendment, and a strong military. He is pro-America, pro-constitution, and against a socialistic and globalist agenda. He knows how to build and grow the economy and create more U.S. jobs. And contrary to the constant labels and accusations against him of being a misogynist and racist, Trump has empowered and promoted women and created opportunities for the black community and other minorities. It also seems clear that the Trump administration is doing more to expose and combat human-trafficking than any previous administration.

Trump is following through on the platform that he campaigned on in 2016. Most candidates we have seen make promises that they never keep, once elected. I have never witnessed a president actually follow through on his campaign agenda to the degree he has. And this is despite constant smear campaigns, opposition, false accusations, and media bias like we have never seen.


What About His Sinful Past and Flawed Character?

For believers who say they can’t vote for Trump based on his checkered past or current character flaws, I would suggest re-reading the Bible and looking through all of the national leaders that God hand-picked to serve His purposes. God called and anointed many judges and kings who had major flaws (to say the least). He even anointed Cyrus, a pagan king, to fulfill His agenda. Are we so narrow-minded and short-sighted to think that He could not use Donald Trump? And do we really believe that Joe Biden has a squeaky-clean past, or is a man of great character?

Whether Trump has been truly born again and changed, I don’t know for sure. I would have to know him up close and personal both before his profession of faith and after. But that is not the main issue here, as we are voting for a national leader, not a pastor. It is clear to me that God has chosen him for this time and that He is using him for His purposes. Some are pointing to Trump’s arrogance; but isn’t it arrogant to believe God can’t use Trump? Are we wiser than God? Do we see everything He sees? Do we know all of the implications of political and policy decisions?


The Better of Two Candidates

I know that many will agree with what I have shared in this article and that many will also completely disagree with my stance. As I said in the introduction, I am aware that there are many reasons that people hold certain perspectives and vote in certain ways. Even in 2020, we can have different political perspectives and still be friends.

Donald Trump is not my savior. He is far from perfect, and he is not the hope of our nation. My allegiance is to the Kingdom of God above all else and my focus is on Jesus, preaching the gospel, and setting captives free. But laws, government systems, and political platforms have an impact on the spiritual and practical life of a nation. When I look at the Trump/Pence policies vs. the Biden/Harris policies, it is clear to me which one has policies that align more with biblical values and will have a long-term benefit to our nation.

My vote for Donald Trump is not an endorsement of everything he says or does. I’m not voting for Trump because I see him as a moral or spiritual guide. Ultimately, I’m not voting for Trump because he is the “lesser of two evils,” but because he is the better of two candidates!


What Some Other Christian Leaders Are Saying

There are plenty of articles and statements by church leaders for and against Trump. Below are a few articles by leaders in the body of Christ who support Trump’s re-election:

Bill Johnson:

Wayne Grudem:

Michael Brown:


Written by Jake Kail


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