The Spirit of Release – Ready for 2022

The past is in the past! It gone! It’s over! Stop looking back! You’re now free and able to do ALL that I call you to do!

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I remembered an unusual expression in my spirit recently. “The Spirit of Release is upon you!” I asked the Lord about it. “The Spirit of Release is upon you!”, He said again. “Yes Lord, but what is the significance of this?” I asked.

“I am releasing you from the yokes of bondage that have been restraining you.” He said. “I am releasing you from soul ties, from family ties, from debt, from illnesses, from habits and addictions, from anything that stops you from being all that I called you to be!” “I am breaking off curses spoken over you by others and by yourselves. I am breaking generational curses, occultic curses, and curses of sickness and death.”

“I am freeing you up for the coming season so that nothing can hold you back from anything I ask you to do! Do not think ‘I can’t’ because, in Me, you can. Do not think this is for someone else, because it is for YOU! Do not think ‘I’m too shy’ or ‘I’m not good enough’, nor by other excuses you’ve used in the past. The past is in the past! It gone! It’s over! Stop looking back! You’re now free and able to do ALL that I call you to do!”

“You’ve been underutilized for too long. I’m opening new doors for you. I will bring others alongside you so that you can encourage and help each other. But mostly, I am sending My Holy Spirit to lead, prompt, guide, and help you too. Who will stand with Me and My Kingdom? Who will reach out and do that which I call you to do? I AM that I AM”, says the Lord, “and you are part of My plans moving forward!”


Pray and claim this for yourselves and watch the doors open for you!


The Upper Room Encounter

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Chris and Linda Bennett, are founders of The Upper Room - A Place of Encounter. Upper Room has at its heart a great yearning to see revival return to the UK—to Wales in particular. The ministry operates in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, but are called to Wales to help usher in revival.