The Sacred Dwelling

All of Me for all of you. This is what I came to do.

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I composed and shared this prophetic poem a year ago today. I can truly see this unfolding now in our day and time. He is awakening His beautiful bride and His glorious light will shine in greater ways…in the days ahead as we humble and ready ourselves. I pray that these words will transform you and transport you to another time and space, in His wisdom and in His grace.

I call this~

The Sacred Dwelling

Tucking sin in
kissing its chin
giving it space
then calling it grace…

A bed of compromise
will not prevail
My love goes after it
I’ve removed a veil

Shedding light for
quintessential love
making room
for heaven above

I’m shedding light
removing sin
peering deep
deep within

Let the Spirit
move within
PURE and
Light gets the win

The price was paid
at the Cross
by precious
all darkness
to quash

My sword is alive
bringing new life
where bone
and marrow

Thoughts cannot hide
won’t escape
My eyes
All things being

See the enemy
wanting to score…
Ephesians 4
will open
the door

will come out of
As I give Holiness
to the lowliest

All of Me
for all of you
this is what I came
to do

My flame of fire
will have its desire
residing day and night

Foundations shaking
hindrances to love

Pure and spotless
My bride
…I awaken

A sacred dwelling
within you.




Featured Image by Christian Egli on Unsplash

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