The Rocks are Coming

God’s giants are being positioned for God to use them to shake this nation.

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I recently had a significant prophetic dream concerning America. In the dream, I saw a deserted island with a huge rock figure sitting on the shore. It looked like the figure was praying. Then the huge rock figure stood and walked out into the ocean waves. As it walked further into the ocean it was still tall enough to remain above the waves and water. Then the dream shifted and I could see the rock figure from behind. From this view, I could see that the figure was headed to the shoreline of America as I could see the statue of liberty in the distance.

As the rock figure got closer to the shoreline, other rock figures began to come alongside him wading their way through the water. As their feet touched the shore the land shook and with every step, they took forward after the land would shake beneath them. People in the streets began to try to stop them from coming by throwing things at them and standing in their way. However, no matter what happened they kept advancing, unmoved. I could also see in the dream that media and tabloids slandered them but none the less they continued to shake the land. Then I woke up from the dream.

After praying into the dream and talking with several trusted dream interpreters I was greatly encouraged by the message behind this dream! The Lord is saying that He is sending His giants into America to shake the land and advance His Kingdom. These giants are people who have been in the secret place of prayer and intercession. These are those that live a lifestyle modeled after Matthew 6:6 and Mark 1:35. I believe this is what the beginning of the dream with the rock figure represented as he was sitting on the deserted island praying. Those that have been in the wilderness of obedience and prayer are about to emerge on the public scene of America as immovable and unshakeable forces for the Kingdom of God like the rock figures in the dream. It is in the secret place that God has been shaping these Kingdom giants into individuals of principle, of great character, and of great authority in the spirit.

God’s giants are being positioned for God to use them to shake this nation, just as the ground shook underneath the steps of the rock figures in the dream. The Lord began to speak to me concerning those He is raising up in this hour and He said this, “Those I am sending to turn the tide of America will be unmoved by circumstances, warfare and the opinions of man. Their voices will be heard and they will walk in great authority. This movement of people will impact generations. America will be shaped by them for many decades to come.”

My friends, be encouraged! God is moving in America and His plans for this nation will prevail. God is raising up spiritual giants to shift this nation. Look for those principled and steadfast people of prayer and character that the Lord is elevating in this hour. Pray for those God is raising up. Also, allow the Lord to get you in position for Him to use you as an immovable Kingdom person! There is a shift coming and God will use His sons and daughters to accomplish it. The rocks are coming!




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