The Restoration of Honor That Will Set You Free

Honor redefines the way someone sees themselves and gives them the courage to live that truth out.

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There is great power that occurs as we honor one another. If there is one thing that I have learned throughout my years of walking with Jesus, it is that He always treats me with honor. He has never treated me according to the flesh but honored who He created me to be and has treated me according to that identity. When He sees me, He sees me through the eyes of honor…this is my true reality.

Many years ago, I began a journey of discovering how He sees people. This journey changed everything for me. It was like receiving a pair of glasses that changed my eyes from seeing the distorted dishonor that the enemy puts upon lives to seeing the clear and honoring way that our God views another.

As we begin to see others the way that He sees them, it causes us to treat them with honor. Honor will always lift up the one who has felt cast down.

When I was 14 years old, I was already living out all sorts of evil that years of dishonor had defined in my life. I am so grateful that a man at my high school saw me the way that Jesus saw me. He treated me with honor, and it was those actions that eventually led me to Jesus.


Here are truths about dishonor and honor:

• Dishonor drags a person down, whereas honor lifts them up.

• Dishonor exposes nakedness, and honor covers shame.

• Dishonor weakens, and honor strengthens

• Dishonor imprisons a man, and honor sets him free

• Dishonor establishes a lie, and honor restores God’s truth.

• Dishonor divides a man from God, and honor reconciles him to God.


There are so many more!

The culture of honor is the Kingdom culture that we must treat all men by. As we honor someone according to the image that they were created in, we actually begin to call forth “Christ in them.” We honor Christ as we honor others. Honor redefines the way someone sees themselves and gives them the courage to live that truth out.

Whether it is a family member or a friend, a stranger on the street or a clerk in a store, a rich man or poor man, a political leader or church leader, a child or the elderly…all need to experience honor. Honor is to be shown even if it is not deserved because that is what Jesus gave to us (and still gives to us).

I pray that the eyes of God’s people will be fully opened to see what Jesus sees. I pray that the actions of God’s people will be aligned with the honor of the Kingdom of God that knows that all men are created in the image of Christ. I pray that the mouth of
God’s people would speak words of life and honor over lives that have been defined by dishonor. I pray that you will see yourself with the eyes of honor.

One of the favorite sayings in our church is the words from Hebrews 12:24,

“…the blood of Jesus speaks a better word…”

If you have been the recipient of dishonor— I pray that the honor that Jesus treats you with will restore and heal you. May his honor wash over you. May honor be restored and your identity in Christ be rediscovered and realized. Today I declare upon your life the better word that the blood of Jesus has spoken…

“You were created to be honored and to release honor.”


This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Inscribe Ministries

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