The Religious Spirit Exposed

The Religious Spirit is a Task Master that is never satisfied with your efforts and always asking for more.

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The Religious Spirit is like an older brother who follows you around, criticizing your every move and whispering endless doubts that cause you to shrink back in fear.

The Holy Spirit is like a loving father who is always two steps ahead, taking your hand and gently leading you on a path of discovery. 

The Religious Spirit gets bent out of shape when the rules aren’t followed.

The Holy Spirit gets excited when creative expression imagines the possibilities. 

The Religious Spirit berates you for missing the mark.

The Holy Spirit inspires you to aim higher next time. 

The Religious Spirit tells you to Stay in the Lines!

The Holy Spirit tells you to Go Explore! 

The Religious Spirit wants credit.

The Holy Spirit celebrates others. 

The Religious Spirit debates everything you do. 

The Holy Spirit dares you to climb higher. 

The Religious Spirit is a Task Master that is never satisfied with your efforts and always asking for more.

The Holy Spirit cheers you in every step and draws out the best in you, even when you make mistakes.

Determine to listen to the right voice so that your journey will be one of freedom, joy, and a never-ending sense of wonder and awe. Your future is ahead of you, not behind you. 

It’s not about “adding up,” but jumping in! 

It’s Redemption, not Religion, that brings life to the dead and wholeness to the broken. 

In the end, it’s not whether or not you get it “right.” 

It’s about Who you travel with and discovering the endless possibilities of heaven inside of you that the flesh can never reach.



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