The Overwhelming Flood: God is Raining, Reining, and Reigning!

He displays His power in the whirlwind and the storm.

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This is the word of the Lord to me and through me this morning is Nahum 1:8: “But He will sweep away His enemies in an overwhelming flood. He will pursue His foes into the darkness of night.”

An unforgettable flood for the ages is presently being released on planet earth. The full chapter of Nahum 1 catches His demeanor and His action points at this time. The justice of God is sweeping in, and unlike the justice systems of man, it does not fail. It can’t be intimidated, bought off, bypassed, squelched, or otherwise manipulated. It comes in relentless waves until it has accomplished its set assignment. The night season will be particularly rough for these presently targeted enemies of God, as terror will grip them that no sedative can allay, nor will any of their witchcraft abate.

Here are some Nahum 1 words describing the nature of it all:

“The Lord is slow to get angry, but His power is great, and He never lets the guilty go unpunished. He displays His power in the whirlwind and the storm.” -Nahum 1:3

“In His presence the mountains quake…” -Nahum 1:5

Verse 6 expresses who He is to those presently resisting Him on the 7 mountains of influence:

“Who can stand before His fierce anger? Who can survive His burning fury? His rage blazes forth like fire, and the mountains crumble to dust in His presence.”

Expect the “mountains” of big names in media and “big tech” to crumble to dust in His presence. They have been weighed in the balance and found guilty. Overwhelming flood time for them.

Verse 7 lets us know that His flood and anger are not indiscriminate.

“The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in Him.”

Verse 8 was our original verse of His “overwhelming flood.” He is raining, reining, and reigning. Raining floods of justice on the evil. Reining in their treacherous ways among the nations. Reigning of His kingdom is incoming as we are ushered into a new era of His kingdom. 99% can not fathom the good that is coming in and that is about to be established.

Verse 9, is His last plea with the knowingly wicked and unrepentant.

“Why are you scheming against the Lord? He will destroy you with one blow; He won’t need to strike twice!”

Nahum 1 ends with verse 15: “Look! A messenger is coming over the mountains with good news! He is bringing a message of peace. Celebrate your festivals, O people of Judah…”

I love this. For “Judah” (those who praise Him during big battles) He says “Celebrate your festivals.” We are to celebrate this Christmas and New Year as the enormity of what God’s flood is doing becomes obvious. God likes celebrations!

The last line of the chapter says, “your wicked enemies will never invade your land again. They will be completely destroyed!”

So let it be written, decreed, and so let it be done.




This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Restore 7

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