The Oil of Heaven is Falling

The Lord has released the oil of Heaven to reverse what was declared irreversible.

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Sunday, September 4th, during a powerful moment of worship, I saw a drop of oil fall from Heaven and splash in the middle of the sanctuary. The drop was golden in color, rich and thick. When the drop hit the sanctuary floor, it sent out droplets in every direction impacting all who were calling upon the Lord.

The droplets made an impact on families, businesses, and areas in individual lives where fear had made life brittle and immovable. The drop of oil was sent by the Lord to lubricate places of impasse where words of death had been declared over people’s lives, words without hope and mercy. The image of the oil was not just for those in attendance in our home church. It was for all who would call on the name of the Lord at this moment in history. The falling drop of oil was a signal that the beginning of a supernatural outpouring of God’s love is taking place.

Your most challenging and painful situation is never beyond His reach, no matter how desperate it feels or who has written your situation off as unredeemable.  Do not believe the words of dread spoken over you, your family, or your calling. Hopelessness is never in the plan of God.

The Lord has released the oil of Heaven to reverse what was declared irreversible, to unlock what has been rusted in place by unbelief, and to confront the lies you were ready to believe until the first drop of Heaven’s oil fell and splashed within your heart.


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