The Marxist Strategy for Taking Over America, Part 4—Heritage Briefs 59

As much as it may seem that the enemies of our country are close to destroying our Republic and our freedom, it is not too late to save them, and even reverse all of the damage that has been done to our country.

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 We continue covering the 45 Goals Marxists declared for bringing America under their bondage with Goal #15.


MARXIST GOAL #15: Capture one or both of the main political parties in the U.S.

This is another box the Marxists can check. The Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that its agenda is now in lockstep with the Marxist goals for subduing America, and is the main platform from which the Marxist agenda is promoted. The Republican Party has also been moving steadily left, only a little slower than the Democratic Party.

This is not to say that everyone in the Democratic Party is a Marxist, but there does not seem to be any resistance left in that party to the Marxist agenda. There are also some in the Republican Party that, by their actions and words, are more in line with Marxist doctrine than the principles America was founded on, though they would likely vehemently protest this. There are also some in the Republican Party that have very courageously stood against the Marxist agenda and those promoting it. Even so, overall both parties have been bending strongly to the left to the degree that some of those now calling themselves conservatives are left of where the Democratic Party was not long ago.

A factor we must keep in mind is that not many Marxist operatives know that they are promoting Marxism, or even know what Marxism is. This is how effective Marxists have been in accomplishing a basic tenet of Marxism to keep their workers ignorant, but compliant. The fact is that the Democratic Party agenda now runs parallel to the Marxist agenda for subduing America, whether they understand this or not. We will see this more clearly as we cover the rest of the 45 Marxist Goals for subduing America.


MARXIST GOAL #16: Use the courts to weaken American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

Of course, a foundation of our Republic is the protection of civil rights, for all, and we must never abandon our resolve to see this fully realized. However, Marxists have been very effective in promoting their seditionist agenda as civil rights and the courts have tended to side with them.

Both Marxists and Islamists have stated that they would use our courts, our laws, and our Constitution to destroy us, and they have been brilliant at doing it, while those who swore to defend The Constitution from enemies such as this have been almost completely asleep. There are still some legislators, lawyers, and judges that have stood courageously against this agenda, but they are an increasingly small minority.

This fight over whether our courts will continue to be used by the Marxist agenda or to defend our Constitution will certainly be one of the main battlegrounds that our future will be decided on. Even so, history affirms that it does not take great numbers to begin important change, but even a tiny minority or one that demonstrates courage, can awaken the rest and prevail over what may now seem inevitable.


In later Briefs we will cover the Supreme Court decisions and practices that steered it and other federal courts so far away from their Constitutional moorings.


MARXIST GOAL #17. Take control of schools. Use them to transmit socialism and Marxist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks. 

This is another box the Marxist strategists can check off as completed. Our children are no longer being educated, but are being indoctrinated in line with the Marxist agenda.

Education in America was once considered the best in the world. As teachers’ associations grew and became unions, they began to side even more with the Marxist agenda and parallel with this, the trajectory of education in America has been sharply down. The Marxists are intent on destroying the quality of education that has enabled America to be such a powerful military and economic force thwarting Marxist globalist goals.

Recently, many schools in America have started replacing courses in even the basics such as math and reading with social training such as gender and race education. Now American education has even fallen below some third world countries. In 2003, American 15-year-olds measured in the lower half of all nations in math, reading skills, and science literacy as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics.

What do the teachers’ unions say is the answer to fixing this tragedy that is destroying the future generations of Americans? Give them more money to use to support their radical agenda.

We should want the best teachers and schools for our kids, and all other resources and equipment they need to be prepared for life in the 21st century. However, the agenda, the propaganda, and the moral corruption now being fed to students is destroying the future of America, while the quality of education is in a death spiral.

There are teachers who are courageously trying to stand against the corruption in the teachers’ unions and the radical agenda that has been increasingly dominating school curriculums. Few of these get much support because anyone who challenges almost anything the teachers’ unions do will be accused of being against teachers, and even against education itself. As our elected officials cower before such threats, our children’s education and future are being destroyed.

Education is a primary battlefield on which our future will be determined. We cannot continue to be naïve and blind to what is being done to our children and our country by the perversion of education in America.


MARXIST GOAL #18: Get control of all student newspapers. 

This is another box the Marxists can check. However, there have been some students who have risen up to stop this with their own brilliant strategy. When one college gave the student newspaper to the Communist Club to run, the conservative and Christian students decided to all join the Communist Club. This gave them the majority, so they voted Christian and conservatives as officers, and retook control of the student newspaper.

As much as it may seem that the enemies of our country are close to destroying our Republic and our freedom, it is not too late to save them, and even reverse all of the damage that has been done to our country. It is going to take the same kind of courage and willingness to sacrifice to save our country as it did to found it, but we can do this. It’s now our turn, and it is now our honor.

The study of the 45 goals of Marxists for taking over America will be continued in the next Heritage Brief.


         History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid. —D.D. Eisenhower  




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