The Marxist Strategy for Taking Over America, Part 10- Heritage Brief 65

Tragically, Americans have been conditioned to believe propaganda even when facts prove it is not true.

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 We continue covering the 45 Goals Marxists declared for bringing America under their bondage with Goal #36:


MARXIST GOAL #36: Infiltrate and gain control of more unions. 

The fact that this goal was to gain control of “more” unions implies that they already had control of some. As early as the 1930s there was concern that if America took sides against Stalinist Russia, unions could shut down transportation for the supplies needed for our defense. Some think that we remain in such a precarious place today, but it is much worse than that. Many of our defense materials, even the electronic chips in our nuclear weapons, are now manufactured in Communist China.

When these Marxist goals for destroying America were first formulated, the great majority of union leaders and members were staunch anti-Marxists. Most union members still are, and no doubt there are some union leaders who are staunch anti-Marxists. Even so, many unions, including some of the most powerful, have been infiltrated, and in some cases taken over by Marxist operatives.

Two of the most powerful unions in America that have moved in almost total lockstep with the Marxist agenda are the Teachers’ Unions and the Public Service Unions. Marxists in the Teachers’ Unions have been able to insert Marxist indoctrination into public school curriculums. The Public Service Unions have been the inroads of the “deep state” that is an immediate threat to our Constitutional Republic. They are now so powerful they are able to implement regulations of their own making as laws and to ignore laws passed by Congress and Executive Orders from the President.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was perhaps the most socialist and pro-union chief executive to occupy the White House, but he was vehemently against any unions being formed for federal employees as a threat to our basic security. He was right, and the now very powerful Public Service Unions are considered one of the greatest threats to the security of our country. How did this happen? It happened by the election of, or appointment of, weak, naïve, inept leadership in our government.

There are other unions that are security threats to the country by being in a position to shut down needed shipping of defense and high-priority supplies such as food and medicine, as well as a huge part of all commerce in America. This is not to say that any of these unions are now planning for this. But the FBI has been a bulwark against dangers now so politicized and weaponized that members have even developed plans to overthrow a duly elected President, such as recent revelations have exposed. So who is now guarding us?

Some unions have had a major part in bettering the wages, benefits, and working conditions for many American workers. However, this Marxist goal of taking over unions was for a reason, and it has been achieved in some unions. It seems that many union members remain patriotic Americans, but the indoctrination of union workers by Marxists continues.


MARXIST GOAL #37: Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

A great misunderstanding many Americans have is that Republicans are for big business, and Democrats are for the workers and common people. If we look at actions and policies, and not just rhetoric, the Republicans have done far more for the common people, while the Democrats have sided far more with big business.

Tragically, Americans have been conditioned to believe propaganda even when facts prove it is not true. They have believed the rhetoric of the leftists to be for the “little guy” when their policies have been devastating to average Americans. Contrary to popular belief, Republicans and conservatives have done far more for average and disadvantaged Americans, but many Republicans do not even understand this.

Democratic candidates for President have continually run on a platform of being against the oppression of the monopolies and big business but have done nothing to challenge them when in office. This is why monopolies and big business usually support Democratic candidates over the Republicans. It was the Republican President Teddy Roosevelt who took on the big railroad, steel, and energy monopolies and broke them up. He also passed the first anti-trust laws, accomplishing what the Democrats had promised for decades, but had done nothing about when in office.

We see this siding with big business continuing as recently as the Obama-Biden Administrations. Small community banks were almost entirely destroyed when Obama sided with big banks after the 2008 sub-prime crisis, even though it was the big banks that had created the crisis. Obama claimed to be doing all that he did for the good of the people, but it never worked out that way. Why?

Just as Marxist propaganda is the opposite of Marxism applied, the rhetoric of the Democratic Party has often been the opposite of their practice when in power. This is not to say that many Republicans haven’t done much of the same, but the actual practices and policies of the Democratic Party overwhelming sides with big business though they claim the opposite. The only ones who have successfully challenged the abuses of big business, and whose policies consistently aid small business and average Americans, are the Republicans.

By nature, the left is for consolidation that leads to centralization, accumulating power and wealth in the hands of a few. That is essential to Marxism, and as the influence of Marxism has grown in the Democratic Party they increasingly promote big government, big business, and big banks.

The Carter Administration once implied that small business only made up about 6% of the American economy. When challenged, they decided to do a study to determine just how much of a part it was. To their shock, and virtually everyone else’s, they found out that small businesses composed at least 50% of the economy. A small business in this study was defined as having twenty-five employees or less. If they had used what is generally thought of as a small business, having fifty employees or less, this percentage of the economy that was composed of small businesses would have been far higher.

It is big business that actually makes up a small percentage of the whole economy. In this study, it was also learned that 75% to 80% of all new jobs were created by these small businesses. Again, if they had used a definition of fifty employees or less for a small business this could have been 90% or even higher.

During the Obama Administration growth in the American economy slowed to less than 1% a year. Obama said that this was “the new norm” that we should expect in the future. That would no doubt have been true if the Democrats had stayed in power as their policies were so damaging to small businesses. There was laughter and scorn when Trump said the economy could reach a 5% annual growth until it did in just two years under his Administration. Because his policies actually helped the “little guy,” the unemployment of every racial and economic sub-group also fell dramatically to levels we had been told by Obama never to expect again.

If we are going to escape the threatened Marxist takeover of our country, we must learn that Marxist, leftist propaganda is the opposite of their intent. Remember when President Obama said that the federal government would never go into the automobile business, and then seized control of General Motors the same afternoon? Remember when he said that under The Affordable Health Care Act the cost of health insurance would go down, we could keep our present policies, doctors, etc., and the actual result was the opposite? We could go on to many other examples of what they say actually turning out to be the opposite of what we get. A more important question is how long will it take for us to wake up to what has been done to us?


No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power. – P.J. O’Rourke


The left has the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. — Unknown



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