The Lord’s Blessings Will Pursue and Overtake You!

Even when you were unaware, My loving Hand clung tightly to yours, and My watchful Eyes were always upon you.

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I hear The Spirit say,

“My Beloved, don’t waste time striving after the praises of men, nor concern yourself about their criticisms and gossiping tongues, but let your self-worth and significance be deeply rooted in Me.

Stay grounded in My Love and unconditional acceptance of who you are. Your faults, failures, imperfections, and human weaknesses are not held against you but are used as tools in My Hands to display the wonder-working Power of My Restorative Mercy and Redeeming Love, in your life.

In Me, there is no pressure to perform like a puppet on a string. I AM not a hard taskmaster, demanding that you work and work to gain My Blessings and Favour!

No! But rather, I AM a Loving Father with a desire to see you walking in the full purpose for which I created you.

As you make it a priority to spend time in My Presence, then you will come to understand in a greater way that all I AM asking for, is for your willingness to fully surrender to Me, so that I can use your life in the way that I desire.

Of course, there will be inconveniences and great sacrifices to be made along the way, and you will be called to lay aside fleshy pursuits and worldly pleasures.

But! Oh My Beloved, what a small price to pay, and what a meager offering to make, in exchange for a life of untold Blessings and great Reward, and for riches and wealth that are not fleeting and temporary, but rather satisfying and everlasting!

Surely I make no mistakes, for when I chose you — handpicked you — and set you apart, I knew you would come to trust Me and fully rely upon Me, to work all things for your good and for My Glory.

How I delight in you. You make Me smile — you make My Day!

Every day, My Heart is overwhelmed by the Love you have for Me and for My Kingdom. Even the Angels stand in awe of how you have embraced My Grace, and how you have learned to lean heavily on My Mercy to Make a Way.

How you cry out daily for My Strength to empower you to walk on The Narrow Path!

Beloved, you and I have journeyed together through many valleys, and we have ascended many mountain tops, and though you have not always been joyous along the way, many times you have allowed the spirit of fear to steal your Faith and delay the Miracles, My Presence has never left you.

Even when you were unaware, My loving Hand clung tightly to yours, and My watchful Eyes were always upon you — My heart fiercely protective over you — My Spirit, always leading, guiding, and preserving you from every hidden danger.

See! I have gone before you, even sent My Angels ahead of you to prepare the way. I have been your rear-guard and an ever-present Help in times of need.

It brings Me Joy when you anticipate My Victory, when you expect My Intervention, and when you wait with great excitement for the Breakthrough that I have promised!

This is the Faith that pleases Me, that demonstrates to Me that you are growing in maturity and becoming more and more like My Son.

Surely I tell you, now I can see an even greater revealing of a true reflection of My Glory through your life.

I tell you, My Child, obedience is better than sacrifice, for this is what I ask for, Obedience!

So continue to follow after My Spirit, walk by Faith and keep your eyes fixed on Me, and My Blessings will pursue and overtake you, My Love will Seek you out and hunt you down!”


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