The Lord Is Raising the Standard!

The Flood is about to recede and vanish away because of the Presence of God in your life!

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“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will LIFT UP A STANDARD AGAINST HIM and put him to flight.” Isaiah 59:19b

While there are so many people that quote this verse regularly in Christian circles, many of them have absolutely no idea what it actually means.

This is the only spot in the Bible where this Hebrew word is used this way because normally a standard is a banner or a flag that’s set up as a rallying point for troops in a war zone, but here the terminology is totally different.

When the Lord raises a Standard here on our behalf, the enemy doesn’t just “Retreat” from us; he “Vanishes” completely from the battlefield and takes along with him everyone that he brought with him!

It would be like the Sun shining in the darkness, where the darkness doesn’t just slowly withdraw; it just completely vanishes because of the Light that’s emerging in its midst!

So many people I have been in contact with lately have been under relentless attack from the enemy, to the point where they feel like everything in their lives seems as though it is all going wrong! Things with their families, things with their workplace, and even their physical health have become a challenge for many of them. It feels as though the enemy has come in “Like a Flood.”

When Israel faced off against the Egyptian chariots and their war machine, they appeared to have no escape or retreat from the advancing chariots of Pharaoh. But just when it appeared that Israel would be crushed by them, God not only provided a way out of the situation through a miracle, but He also destroyed the enemy’s entire army with a single blow. He Raised the Standard!

When King Jehoshaphat was surrounded by three armies far greater than his, he sought the Face of the Lord, and as he did, the Lord took control of the situation to the point where He told the King to send out the singers and worshippers ahead of the army. Then the Lord set ambushments against the men of the three armies, and those armies totally destroyed each other in the process. (2 Chronicles 20)

Many of you reading this may be faced with circumstances that feel very much like one of these, a hopeless situation that you feel completely powerless to change. Still, as the flood of the enemy is coming in more and more, the Standard Of The Lord is Rising!

The Word “STANDARD” here literally means to “VANISH AWAY ”! FOR MANY OF YOU, THE TIDE IS ABOUT TO BE TURNED! The Flood is about to recede and vanish away because of the Presence of God in your life!

So today, as you have done all you can do, STAND STILL AND SEE HIS SALVATION COME FORTH as His Standard Rises in your midst and turns the enemy into a full retreat, disarray, or a state of total Self Destruction!



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