The Lion of Judah is Roaring Over the Injustice in Your Life

He’s roaring especially over the injustice being done in the hiddenness.

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Since yesterday I keep hearing the Lion of Judah roaring, a very loud thundering roar that shakes the inside of me but is also shaking everything around where injustice is taking place.

I hear His roar, thundering, surrounding me and moving deep inside of me at the same time. I sense very strongly He’s roaring over every injustice done in this world, in your nation, in your country, in your city, in your village, in your neighborhood, in your street, in your family line, and in your life.

He’s roaring especially over the injustice being done in the hiddenness. That being done behind closed doors, in countries where social media is censured or where there isn’t any social media. In these places, the enemy thinks he can do whatever he wants leaving a trace of death and destruction behind him. 

He is roaring over the injustice done in your personal life. Areas where the enemy thought no one saw it, no one heard it and he could keep you chained and bound. These strongholds silence your voice, for who would ever believe you and you know the price of opening your mouth might be very costly, dangerous, and even life-threatening. But my friend, He HEARD/HEARS you, He SAW/SEES you and now He is roaring over every bit of injustice done to you.

As I hear His roar getting stronger and stronger I can literally feel it resounding in my innermost being and I see and experience the power breaking down strongholds, even those you didn’t know you had.

I saw and felt these strongholds crumble to the ground and turn into dust. With this, the enemy like scared mice was fleeing and squeaking in terror.

Strongholds where the enemy came in through horrible abuses, where you were overpowered by brute force or silent deathly threats which literally muzzled you and made you voiceless.

It could be sexual, emotional, physical, or spiritual abuse or a combination of all and you felt unprotected, unsafe, unheard, unseen, unloved, unworthy, unhuman just like an object to be used and abused. There your soul cried out: “Doesn’t anybody hear me, doesn’t anybody see, isn’t there anybody who cares and will stand up for me?”

His roar over the injustice is doing just that in your innermost being right now, proclaiming “I heard it, I saw it and I have your back for he who touched/touches you touches Me!” 

I see and experience a very deep inner-healing is taking place as He roars over you. The garden of your heart and soul are being restored. The old dungeon strongholds are being demolished and turned into ashes; because together with Him you’ve worked through deep inner healing, through forgiveness, through bitterroot judgments, through renouncing old thought patterns. He is finishing it off; your Dad, your Judge. 

As the strongholds come down and the enemy flees, hidden grief, pain, and trauma are being released, as you are restored and washed clean.

All I see are heaps of ashes and on each one of them, I see one drop of His precious blood falling, which turn those heaps of ashes into fertile ground. They began to bloom, bloom, bloom like never before and I heard Him say; I am trading your ashes for My beauty! 

I could see, feel, and smell the garden of my heart and soul coming alive, as fresh sprouts starting to come up, the sweet smell of a new garden with an unending sea of dazzling colored flowers and top-heavy fruit trees. Rivers start to fill my nose, my sight, and surround me as a fresh new awakening starts to fill my/your heart and soul. A new dawn is breaking forth, strong as the rising of the sun. 

Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your SOUL is prospering.

3 John 1:2 The Passion Translation


Written by Vanessa Roemers

Featured Image by efes from Pixabay

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