The Lid is Coming Off

Prepare your heart to be ready to move quickly at the command of the Lord.

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On January 11th, I heard the Lord say, “The lid is coming off!” I sensed an urgency attached to what He said.

The lid is coming off the containers that have been used to house the spoiled contents of deception in all its forms. The truth that has been suppressed will soon be shouted for all to hear. Evidence censored from the masses by compromised media, politicians, and corporations will begin to escape from its prison to bring the truth into the light of day. Those escapees will become loud and vocal like a modern-day Paul Revere riding through the streets of our nation and through the aisles of our sanctuaries, issuing warnings of truth spoken in love. The evil that has been redefined as something good is being stripped bare of its delusional garments and exposed for all to see its naked error.

These exposures will be a work of the Spirit. The Church is being prepared to overcome what will take place once the truth is made known. A level of social disorder like that of a civil war is wanting to rear its ugly head. Only in secrecy can such an evil plan prosper.

Prepare your heart to be ready to move quickly at the command of the Lord. The Spirit is preparing the Church to move with confidence into a developing future where the truth will be the only safe vehicle able to deliver us into a secure place of God’s design as national instabilities begin to merge to become a greater global conflict.


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