The Liberal’s Dream-Filled Balloon

A world with no limits or restraint.

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Flying high in the sky is a dream-filled balloon

Shining brightly with sequins and streamers—

It beckons to those disenchanted with life—

Calling out to the young and the dreamers!


They imagine a magical world filled with LOVE

Where they’ll never be worried or stressed 

Just to do what they please— what feels good to them

With each notion and desire, simply blessed.


FREEDOM—followers think it’s in the balloon

A world with no limits or restraint

If everyone’s free to do whatever they please

How could anyone have a complaint?


And JOY—surely it’s filled with great joy

With no oppressive laws and no restrictions—

Reproductive rights, no gender distinctions

No borders and no moral contradictions!


They’ve been told that it’s a panacea

And they search for it, far and wide

But they haven’t had a revelation 

Of what they will find on the INside!


Alas the balloon with its shimmer and shine

(Leading dreamers to march, scheme, and shed tears)

Doesn’t really contain what they so want to find

The contents will just fuel their fears.


Love can’t be manufactured — tolerance isn’t love

Besides, tolerance is a major two-way street

You can’t expect tolerance to be poured out on you

If you don’t dispense it on everyone you meet!


If love is reserved for one’s own kind, it lays the foundation for HATE!


History has shown, through millennia of time

That freedom’s never free—it has a price to pay

Lawless societies are most certainly doomed

There have to be boundaries—it’s the only way.


If anarchy is tolerated, it will eventually destroy all FREEDOM!



Written by Debbie Fickess


Featured Image by Kupono Kuwamura on Unsplash

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