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Those that succeed in the kingdom realize that it is bigger than their limited understanding.

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To walk in Christ is to walk in humility. He will cause you to walk paths you never imagined walking. Sometimes you will not wish to walk them. They will seem too humble, but there is fruitfulness there. 

You will have to surrender time and time again to the world’s ambition. Just when you thought you were being promoted, the Lord will say walk away. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are greater. 

You will be rejected and overlooked. You will feel too young or too old. You will always see others that are more qualified or more connected, or more beautiful. You will not be included on their A-lists. These are fabrications, anyway. Don’t worry about them. 

You may want to preach where people of reputation have preached because you feel that by association, you will become known like them. This is human thinking. God will bring you places nobody else will go to, and you will be fruitful there.  

There will always seem to be others who are more anointed than you or more successful. People will judge your anointing by the miracles they see elsewhere. Pray for people anyway. It’s about souls, not what others think is success. 

Just keep getting up day after day. Determine to worship Jesus and ask Him to glorify Himself through you.  

We live in a world where people compete with one another. They are always trying to outdo one another. If they were brushing their teeth together, they would want to see who is the fastest. This kind of thought is not always the best.  

Competition is a spirit that cripples the church. We must realize that God puts people in their place. He builds up, and He tears down.  He opens doors, and He closes doors. If God is promoting someone, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. If you try, you may find yourself fighting God.  

Those that succeed in the kingdom realize that it is bigger than their limited understanding. There is room for thousands more anointed vessels. There is no lack in God. He can bless us each with great fruitfulness. As you focus this way, it will be easier. 

Continue to bless and be a blessing. Continue to forgive and repent. Stay low and raise others higher than yourself. Always take the seats in the back of the room. If God wants you up front, He will get you there.  

When you are successful in your own eyes, there is always another level of humility to go to. Seek renewal of the mind daily.  

Don’t judge people who fall. Grace keeps us all from falling, and falling really is just grace operating in people’s lives in another way. God’s perspective is higher than ours. He sees eternity. We don’t.


Written by Darren Canning 


Featured Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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