The Infinitude of God

If the accuracy of the definition of ‘infinity’ is to be considered, it must be inarguable that there is actually nothing and no one in the universe that is infinite — nothing and no one except God.

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Infinity means limitlessness, boundlessnessmeasurelessness, and endlessness — words that are extremely misused nowadays. Unlimited calls and text messages have expiry dates, unlimited internet data are no longer useful once used excessively, unlimited food and bottomless drinks are available only until supplies last or until your breadbaskets reach full capacity, infinity pools have edges, and many others.

If the accuracy of the definition of ‘infinity’ is to be considered, it must be inarguable that there is actually nothing and no one in the universe that is infinite — nothing and no one except God. He is limitless, boundless, and measureless. He is above all, beyond all, outside of it all.

INFINITUDE is one of The Attributes of God that is really difficult to grasp. Our limited minds make it impossible for us to understand the Unlimited. For God is greater than mind itself. No mind can conceive His actual greatness. No word in any language can describe it. No unit of measurement can quantify it.

GOD IS INFINITE. God is an infinite God; therefore, all that He is and all that flows out from His being are infinite as well — His love is boundless. His grace is limitless. His mercies are endless. His blessings are innumerable.

His faithfulness is immeasurable. His peace is ineffable. His beauty is indescribable. His wisdom is unfathomable. His power is inexhaustible. His existence is eternal. His presence is vast. His glory is immense.

GOD IS LIMITLESS. In life, there will be plenty of trials and tribulations. The pain and the burdens they will cause will exhaust us more if we only depend on our own limited selves. Wouldn’t it be such a comfort and relief if we just turned from our limitations to the Lord who has none? Wouldn’t it be soothing to our souls if we just found rest in His infinite and loving arms? In His infinitude, whatever we go through, we can find the courage to be still, keep calm, and know that He is God.

Let us heed these words from Anselm of Canterbury:

SEEKING AND KNOWING THE INFINITE GOD. Seeking to know the Lord is pretty much like climbing a mountain — a mountain too high; it seems impossible to get to its peak.

The way uphill is not always simple and easy. At times, it’s going to be difficult — rocky, slippery, muddy. The journey to knowing and understanding God, however, doesn’t require strong legs and strong lungs but strong hearts.

You will feel tired and weary occasionally. In any case, don’t give up and don’t go back. The view gets better as you go up.

Should you begin to desire to know more about the One True God, all you have to do is ASK:

  • Ask God to reveal Himself to you — God’s being may be beyond unfathomable, but He has made revelations about Him through His Word and His Holy Spirit.
  • Ask God for forgiveness — the world may be abounding with sins, but our hope is in the richness of God’s abounding grace, love, and mercy. And finally,
  • Ask God to strengthen your faith — the journey is sometimes rough. The pain and the troubles may at times seem unbearable, but always, always have faith in Him who is illimitable.

As we begin to know God personally, we also develop a personal relationship with Him; and that is more important than just knowing Him. I am really thrilled about taking this journey.

The more I come to understand the Lord, the more I fall in love with Him and the more I want to praise and worship Him.

I hope and pray that you also desire to seek Him, and may you find enjoyment in knowing God and His infinite majesty as much as I do. ❤️

“Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding. Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures. Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord, and you will gain knowledge of God.” -Proverbs 2:2-5, NLT



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