The Healing of Hearts In 2022

I Am Going to remove the Words which scarred and damaged them and heal their Hearts with My Words of Life!

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Recently during my morning time with the Holy Spirit, He showed me a Heart filled with (what looked like) needles and darts. 

This heart looked like a pin cushion, because of all of the damage which had been done to it, only the damage didn’t appear to come from disease or physical infirmity, the damage appeared to be from the words of others.

As this impression from the Holy Spirit became clearer and closer, I was able to take a close-up survey of the damage which was done. This heart was severely scarred and broken from years of verbal abuse as people close to the owner of it continually declared discouragement, insecurity, worthlessness, and fear over it.

Just as I was about to ask the Lord who’s heart this was, the Holy Spirit said, “this heart, (and its current condition), represents a vast number of My Sons and Daughters in My Kingdom, but I Am turning their broken hearts towards Me in this Season Coming, I Am Going to remove the Words which scarred and damaged them and heal their Hearts with My Words of Life!”

As soon as I heard this in my Spirit, the Word of the Lord began to manifest as Pure and Crystal Clear Water! I watched as this water began to wash the Broken Heart which was in front of Me flowing down as if from above it! The scars disappeared, the wounds closed up and the words which caused the damage over the course of many years were completely washed away and removed.

The Now Healed Heart, in front of me, came back to life as if it were new, and it began beating differently than it had before. Instead of the uneven and abnormal beats that it had before it sounded different somehow because instead of vibrating through the damage of the wounds, it was now beating with a SOUND OF WHOLENESS TO IT!

“HE HEALS THE BROKENHEARTED AND BINDS UP THEIR WOUNDS [curing their pains and their sorrows].” Psalms 147:3

If you’re one of these Sons or Daughters whose heart is broken right now, expect the Lord to heal your heart completely in 2022! May this be the year that your heart begins to beat like it never has before, as the Holy Spirit comes and makes you WHOLE!




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