The Great Turnaround

The demonic influences that have ruled over America for decades will be overcome by the power of God manifesting through His people.

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The other day, as I was spending time in prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, “The great turnaround. In America, there is a great turnaround happening. Those who are against this turnaround will continue to push their own agenda that is contrary to My Kingdom. Pay them no mind.” As I continued to pray, I had a prophetic vision of a huge ship beginning to turn in the opposite direction. I knew in the vision that the ship represented America and this great turnaround that is taking place. Large ships have to turn slowly because if they turn too quickly, they run the risk of sinking. I believe the turnaround in this nation will be slow but steady. It won’t happen suddenly but the Lord is turning America around!

The remnant has been praying for many years for America to turn back to God. Those prayers are being and will be answered. Many prophecies have come forth declaring revival and awakening are coming to America again. Those prophetic words are coming to pass and will be fulfilled in this turnaround.

As this great turnaround takes place, the enemy’s strongholds will be broken. The demonic influences that have ruled over America for decades will be overcome by the power of God manifesting through His people. God is not finished with this nation! Those who have aligned themselves with the enemy will lose their influence. The Lord will not allow their agenda to continue to advance. Instead, the Kingdom of God will keep advancing as territory is taken back for the Kingdom.

Evidence of this turnaround will be obvious in the natural as things shift in many realms of society and the world. What is considered alternative or abnormal now will become more common. The many arenas in society and culture will experience shifts. Shifts are coming from traditional medical practices to alternative health remedies that are more holistic in nature. Alternative forms of education will be sought out as families seek better, agenda-free education for their children. The biggest shift will be in the church. We will see ministries and bodies of believers who are truly seeking and serving the Lord grow and flourish while dry, religious programs will be forsaken. We will also see the culture, political landscape, and business world in America begin to shift and change as the turnaround takes place.

In the turnaround, people in leadership positions who are not serving the Lord will be removed and replaced by those God appoints. For those God raises up there will be new measures of grace, strength, and discernment to lead in their fields with wisdom and success. Greater favor and influence are coming to the children of God as this nation turns back to God and His purpose for this land. Follow the leading of the Lord, lean in to hear from Heaven in this hour and you will prosper. There is a great turnaround happening in America. Get ready and into position because every son and daughter of God has a significant role to play!



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