The Grass is Moving

But there’s nothing…and I mean NOTHING that God cannot use for His Glory.

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I was walking last night on our private road when I heard a small, but recognizable disturbance on the gravel.

I immediately knew what it was and jumped back. My husband, Greg, was with me and ask “What are you doing?” I replied, “There’s a snake there. Do you see it?”

He said “no. How can you tell?” And I replied, “Watch the tall grass moving. You can’t see the snake, but you can see his movements.”

We then watched as the tall green blades of grass moved aside as the serpent made his way through them.

It was eerie to watch. I couldn’t tell if the snake was friend or foe, but I had a deep feeling in my gut that it was indeed not a good one.

And as quickly as the moment passed, I had a thought enter my mind.

You may not be able to see Satan, but you’ll always be able to recognize his movements. The adversary always gives himself away.

And that’s the TRUTH, friends. He will always show his true colors. You will know him by his stench. Sometimes he can hide pretty well, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s obvious.

I sent an email to my Pastor on Tuesday morning, asking him if I could share a little about our Children’s Sunday School Ministry and my heart on the matter. He said, “Sure!”

So it would make sense that then on Wednesday our dishwasher would malfunction and Greg and I would have a terrible argument. And then on Thursday, our laundry washer would go on the fritz.

I guess whatever I was going to say on Sunday really had the enemy freaked out because he came hard after not only me but my family.

But there’s nothing…and I mean NOTHING that God cannot use for His Glory. And as I stood at the pulpit Sunday morning I shared that story with my Church.

Did I share the part about my and Greg’s argument? Yep, I sure did. Because that’s REAL LIFE. And if we can’t be our real broken selves at church then what’s the point of it all?

These events that transpired also had me thinking about March 2020. Right before the world shut down, I had sent an SOS to my Praise Team friends. I told them that I needed community. That I wanted to do life together. Even the messy stuff. And they all agreed we needed each other.

Cue the whole world shutting down. Man, the enemy must have been really afraid of what would happen if we got in the mess together! If we called each other higher. If we poured into each other. If we supported and loved each other. If we dug deeper into the Gospel together.

So I guess I’m saying, who’s in? Because there must be something to all of this. How do I know, you might ask?

I know because the grass is moving.


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