The Golden Wick Trimmers!

Many of these Smoldering Wicks of the Wicked are smoldering because (in their Perceptions) God has let them down.

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In an unusual impression of the night, the Lord showed me many who are not serving Him currently in this world in the form of smoldering wicks.

In the impression, these people, (who were represented to me as Smoldering Wicks), were roaming about in the Darkness of obscurity which is now covering the earth. Covered in darkness and personal misery.

As I continued to observe, I got the feeling that many of these Smoldering Wicks, were at one point, set aflame, but because of the adversity of their personal lives, now all they could do was create enormous amounts of smoke which caused much confusion in the Atmosphere. The smoke was so bad to where even those who had never been set aflame before, were annoyed by their smoldering effect.

Many of these ones Smoldering who oppose even themselves, appeared as the most confused, hopeless, disenchanted and miserable people which I had ever seen. Hope Deferred from years past had clouded their vision, personal isolation had caused them to withdraw and even their minds were darkened.

“In meekness INSTRUCTING THOSE THAT OPPOSE THEMSELVES; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” 2 Timothy 2:25-26

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a SMOLDERING (dimly burning) WICK HE WILL NOT QUENCH, till He brings justice and a just cause to victory.” Matthew 12:20

Just as all had seemed loss for these one’s who were just smoldering, I saw the Lord sending out ministering servants who seemed to be armed only with ONE THING, AND IT WAS A PAIR OF GOLDEN WICK TRIMMERS!

The craziest part of this impression was that the Golden Trimmers were not put in their hands, the Trimmers were upon THEIR TONGUES! 

As the Lord sent these One’s Forth into the fields for harvest, their one major purpose was to Trim the Wicks of the Wicked, by the Word of the Lord!

“You are cleansed and pruned already, BECAUSE OF THE WORD WHICH I HAVE GIVEN YOU [the teachings I have discussed with you].” John 15:3

Many of these Smoldering Wicks of the Wicked are smoldering because (in their Perceptions) God has let them down and the bitterness of their hearts has caused them to smolder like wet wood, but as the Spoken Word of God is released (from the Trimmers) that bitterness is going to be cut off of them causing them to Ignite Once More!!!

I watched in the Impression, as many who are Smoldering Wicks and Wicked right now, were trimmed by the Rhema Word of God coming forth from the mouths of the Golden Trimmers.

That Word (from the Trimmers) wasn’t Judgement and Wrath, but it was Reconciliation and Restoration born from a heart of Love from their Father in Heaven!

The Word of the Lord is about to Trim the Wicks of Many Wicked in this Season, as those who’ve been sent forth as Golden Trimmers Release the Words of Life over their Lives!!!

Watch as Many Smoldering Wicks of Wicked all of the sudden burst into Flames in the times to come as the Lord releases the Rise of the Golden Trimmers!



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