The God Collide

In this hour, I believe God is looking for willing sons and daughters of God, full of His word and His spirit, to send forth into all realms of society to bring Heaven to earth.

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The Lord recently spoke to me and said, “There is about to be a collision of the 7 mountains of influence with the 5-fold ministry gifts.” Collide or collision is when two or more things meet and there is direct contact. When a collision happens, each thing involved in the collision is impacted and changed. I believe the 7 mountains of influence are about to collide with the 5-fold giftings of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

For many years, it has been taught that the 5-fold ministry gifts are just for the church. This is not true! The 5-fold giftings can be used to invade the 7 mountains of influence in the earth with the Kingdom of God. God never intended for apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to only influence the religious realm of influence. God wants His church to be a ruling, authoritative, conquering body of believers that actively bring Heaven to earth. We accomplish this by advancing the Kingdom of God in every area of society. The 7 mountains of influence are family, religion, government, education, business, arts/entertainment, and media. God is about to raise up and send forth laborers, equipped with 5-fold graces and giftings, to bring forth His Kingdom in each of these areas. The days of the church staying within the 4 walls are gone! God is using His people and their giftings to accomplish His will in the earth, not just the church.

The early church was marked by men and women who preached the gospel of the Kingdom to anyone and everyone they came across. The majority of miracles in the New Testament did not happen in religious settings, they happened in the streets and in people’s homes. I believe the God collide that is coming will look much like what we read about in the New Testament. Those hungry to see God move in this hour should expect for Him to show up in the most unexpected and least “spiritual” atmospheres. God will invade every area of society with His glory and power but He is looking for those graced and equipped with the 5-fold ministry gifts to partner with Him!

Imagine teachers and coaches graced to function as pastors and evangelists to their students and their family. Imagine revival breaking out around family dinner tables and in living rooms. Imagine apostles and prophets impacting the political landscape with words and strategy from Heaven. Imagine Kingdom-minded businessmen and women launching companies that run with Kingdom principles. Imagine the media infiltrated with fiery believers who bring forth the truth and hope in their broadcasts. Imagine Biblical values and principles returning to the movies, television, literature, and creative arts infiltrating the next generation with the beauty and creative power of the spirit of God. Imagine the God collide of the 7 mountains of influence with the 5-fold giftings because that is what is coming!

In this hour, I believe God is looking for willing sons and daughters of God, full of His word and His spirit, to send forth into all realms of society to bring Heaven to earth. There will be a great sending forth of believers into influential places and positions to turn nations back to God and usher in a great move of God. God is ready to pour out His spirit in America with signs, wonders, and miracles. I believe we will experience this outpouring in pockets of hungry believers across this nation. However, I also believe this movement of God’s spirit will spread across this nation in each of the 7 mountains and God will use the 5-fold ministry giftings to do it! Get ready for the God collide! Get ready for a sweeping of the Holy Spirit to come to America again! And get ready for each mountain of society to be impacted by those carrying the Kingdom of God!


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