The Freedom of God

God is free, therefore, He possesses universal authority. He doesn’t have to request permission from anyone.

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“The Lord does whatever pleases Him.”

Psalm 135:6a (NIV)

The phrase “free as a bird” is widely used as an idiomatic expression which means being completely free and unhindered; having no worries or trouble. But, how free can a bird really be?

The freest bird we can ever know may be free from a cage made of steel, wood, wire, or whatever; but it is still living its life in a cage made of hunger, needs, and fear — limited by the available food supply, by threats from some beasts and predators, by the varying weather conditions, and many other factors that may affect its “free living”. This bird’s freedom, along with every other created thing’s freedom, is actually limited by its own necessities.

Our minds need an intense amount of effort to fully grasp the idea of “absolute freedom”. We are not mentally and psychologically conditioned to understand it because we are shaped in a world where no absolute freedom actually exists. All creatures will always be dependent upon someone or something — this dependence limits their freedom.

ONLY GOD IS FREE. God is absolutely free. He is not guided or constrained by anything outside of Himself. He does whatever He pleases — always, everywhere, forever.

GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY REQUIRES THAT HE BE ABSOLUTELY FREE. God must be free to do whatever He wills to do anywhere at any time so He can carry out His plans and purpose, detail by detail, without hindrances and interferences. If He is less than free, He’ll be less than sovereign — God cannot be anything less than sovereign.

THE UNIVERSAL AUTHORITY OF GOD. God is free, therefore, He possesses universal authority. He doesn’t have to request permission from anyone because there is none higher than the Highest and none mightier than the Mightiest.

MAN’S MORAL FREEDOM. God sovereignly bestowed moral freedom upon His creations — men are free to exercise moral choices. Aiden W. Tozer calls it “The Law of Choices & Consequences”:

“Certain things have been decreed by the free determination of God, and one of these is the law of choice and consequences. God has decreed that all who willingly commit themselves to His Son Jesus Christ in the obedience of faith shall receive eternal life and become sons of God. He has also decreed that all who love darkness and continue in rebellion against the high authority of heaven shall remain in a state of spiritual alienation and suffer eternal death at last.” — A.W. Tozer

THE WHOLE MATTER OF MORAL CHOICE CENTERS AROUND JESUS CHRIST. Whoever is not with Him is against Him (Matthew 12:30a). No one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6b).

*The gospel message embodies three distinct elements: an announcement, a command, and a call.

  1. An Announcement — It announces the good news of redemption accomplished in mercy;
  2. A Command — it commands all men everywhere to repent; and
  3. A Call — it calls all men to surrender to the terms of grace by believing on Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

REMEMBERING CHRIST’S DEATH ON THE CROSS. Pierced. Crushed. Beaten. Whipped. Nailed on a wooden cross and left there hanging until death. Jesus Christ died a cruel and violent death for us. He, who is holy & just and has no sin, died for us sinners. Why? Because He loves us and He wants to spend eternity with us in heaven.

How about you? Have you responded to that love? Choose to respond to that incomparable and unconditional love by choosing Jesus. ALWAYS CHOOSE JESUS. ❤️

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