The Footstool of God

Today, when we engage in spiritual warfare, we are the footstool of God’s presence on Earth.

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Many in the Church are unaware of the power they carry regarding the presence of God. The most powerful influencers on Earth are not the power brokers of earthly institutions or those who use their wealth to do evil. The most powerful and influential ones are those who declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. Knowing what power and authority we carry is a game changer for how we will choose to live our lives.

Just before his death, David gave final instructions to Israel about the building of the temple and the transition of leadership as his son, Solomon, became king.“David rose to his feet and said: ‘My brothers and my people! It was my desire to build a Temple where the Ark of theLord’s Covenant, God’s footstool, could rest permanently’” (I Chronicles 28:2).

Footstool was a name originally given to describe the Ark of the Covenant as it represented the presence of God on Earth. When the New Covenant was put in place after the death, resurrection, and enthronement of Jesus, a new temple was instituted. It would no longer be a single physical location but a dispersed people going into all nations carrying God’s presence. When we became born again, we became a living and breathing footstool of God’s presence on Earth.

Isaiah expanded our understanding of the footstool, “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool” (Isaiah 66:1). While God resides on His throne in Heaven, He carries out His will on Earth on His footstool – the people of God.

As David’s final instructions were ending, the text reads, “Finally, he gave him a plan for theLord’s “chariot”—the gold cherubim whose wings were stretched out over the Ark of theLord’s Covenant”(I Chronicles 28:18). The word for chariot used in this verse describes a war chariot – a horse-drawn vehicle that would deliver a warrior into a battle.

Today, when we engage in spiritual warfare, we are the footstool of God’s presence on Earth. His war chariot containing a host of angelic beings, accompanies us into battle. We are never alone and we are never out-gunned or underpowered, no matter how large or imposing our spiritual adversary is.

The Ark led Israel into battle in the Old Testament. Today, God’s presence within us serves the same purpose. As we move forward in obedience, the chariots of God are also released. This is what hell sees that spells its doom. It is what the Church needs to realize if we are to move in the authority God has given us to accomplish His will on Earth.


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