The Flavor of Favor

Extending grace to people, especially those who might be at odds with us, is the heart of God.

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A few years ago, our daughter created a series of greeting cards. One of her cards is called “Grace Cake.” It is an illustration of a cake with a piece removed. The wording under the image reads, “Grace Cake (the flavor of favor).” Since the cards are no longer available and because we liked the image and the message so much we framed it and hung it on the wall in our kitchen as a daily reminder.

We all have a choice to serve something to others from our lives. Extending grace to people, especially those who might be at odds with us, is the heart of God. When we offer someone grace whose actions do not deserve a gracious slice of goodness, according to the limitations of unredeemed thinking, we are actually serving up the heart of God. When we extend grace to people, especially those defined as undeserving, we are extending favor to them. This serving of God’s grace sets them up to experience His love in beautiful and unusual ways. Our gracious and favor-filled interactions with people will leave behind a taste of God’s love and goodness.

Only those who know they have been favored by the Lord and forgiven can extend such grace to others. At times it is hard to cut a piece of this God-cake and serve it to someone on the fine china of a redeemed attitude. If we are unwilling to live this way great Kingdom opportunities will pass us by. If we choose to be grace and favor servers, no matter who sits at our table, nothing will be impossible.


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