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Don’t hide your tears, your Father’s heart breaks when you hurt and longs to see you made whole.

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A few nights ago Eli, my 11-year-old, came out of his bedroom at 3 am. This was very strange. He walked with his head down all the way to the kitchen and I heard slight whimpers as he reached for some essential oils my wife had instructed him to use if his ear continued to hurt.

See, he had been swimming for hours that day and had an earache. Poor thing. Slowly his whimper turned into an all-out, cry. I yelled to the kitchen, “Eli, what’s wrong buddy?” To which, there was no reply. As his cries got louder my heart began to break. I called him again, no answer.

Finally, I sternly said, “Eli, come here son!” While being on the verge of jumping up and running in there to investigate his cries, he peeked around the corner almost as to hide his tears. His tears flowing, I told him to come to me. He was in such pain he couldn’t even find words to describe what was hurting. Finally, he told me what was hurting and exclaimed that he couldn’t find the oil mom said would make it better.

I had the oil for his ear in my reach(it was with me all along) and told him to come let me put it in his ear. He came and was very apprehensive about me touching the oh so swollen left side of his head, so he initially fought me on being still. I looked at him and said, “Son, I have the oil, let me drop it in.” So he laid his head down on the pillow I had placed on my lap and I instructed him again, “Son, you have to be still and let it seep in deep where the pain is.”

The Lord spoke…

For those who are dealing with struggles so painful, you don’t even know what to say…

For those who know you Father cares but you remain in secret suffering, trying to hide the tears, hide the pain…

For those who don’t want God to touch wounds that are still hurting so bad because it’s too painful…

For those who can’t find the healing oil where you thought it might be and can’t get it on your own…

Come to your father.

He holds the healing oil, it’s been with him all along.

Don’t hide your tears, your Father’s heart breaks when you hurt and longs to see you made whole.

Don’t be distracted by the disappointment of not being able to heal on your own.

Lay your head on His pillow and be still and know the He is God. Know there’s no better place to be for the remedy.

Let his love be the oil that seeps deep into your wounds and reach where the pain begins.

Trust the Lord, turn it over to him, and let healing through love run deep within.

Come to Abba, He cares for you. Remember there’s only one way to Him and that’s through Jesus. Speak to Jesus knowing the Father is in Him and let His love and compassion reach you. Jesus is the door into Our Father’s heart. Let Abbas’ love flow through Him to the deep places of your heart.
Don’t be afraid, don’t fear, there’s nothing to hide and no secrets in the secret place.

My prayer for you today:

Lord touch them and let Abba’s love flow through your nail-scarred hands. Let the healing begin and let the pain end. Let this work out for their good that they would know you more, know Our Father more, and becoming familiar with your healing touch. Lord let this work a leaning on you and familiarize them with the secret place of your fellowship. And most of all, let them find healing through deep deep love.

P. S. Eli is great!


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