The Eagle and the Snake

At a precise altitude, the eagle dropped the snake to the Earth crushing it to death and destroying its plans.

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I watched a video of an eagle swooping down and picking up a snake with its talons. I knew the image was being used by the Lord to gain my attention. The eagle was empowered not by human zeal or strength. It was energized by God’s Spirit and the prayers of His saints. The snake represented the deception and the delusion that is slithering through our nation and the Church.

The eagle took the snake high up into the sky where all could see what was about to transpire. At a precise altitude, the eagle dropped the snake to the Earth crushing it to death and destroying its plans. The eagle then descended and consumed the snake.

What God wants to do in our lives, our nation, and the world will not be accomplished by our highest ideals or goals. While those can be honorable, even at their best, they are still polluted by a limited understanding of our spiritual reality and our short-sighted preferences regarding outcomes. This work of the Lord to empower the eagle will be a supernatural work of redemption that will cause all eyes to look heavenward and realize only God could accomplish what had transpired.

Many have grown cynical and some have given up any hope that a supernatural intervention by God could take place. This work of the Lord employing the eagle to capture and destroy the snake will not only redeem the souls of the lost, but it will redeem the faith of those who have allowed their thinking to be programmed by the deception and delusion carried by the snake.


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