The Discarding of the Old and Mantling of the New

The Lord says, “This is the season of a new wardrobe.”

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Recently I received this prophetic word:

The Lord said, “Just as you discard those things in your wardrobe that you never want to wear again, just as you discard old vegetables when they are no longer fresh, so,” the Lord says, ”there is a moment coming…it’s coming among you…it’s coming upon you…where I’m going to cause you to discard the things that have held you:  thinking patterns, brokenness, unforgiveness, offenses.  I’m going to discard them.  Woundings that you thought were never going to go, I’m going to visit you and there’s going to be a moment of throwing off.” 

The Lord says, “I have a new wardrobe for you. I have fresh clothing. I have fresh mantels to drop upon you. This is a season,” says the Lord, “of fresh life. Like, my servant, Elisha took his robe off, so shall the discarding be in your lives.    He was preparing himself for that which I have touched so he could pick it up and walk in a new arena. So,” says the Lord, “this house is being called to walk in a new arena. So,” says the Lord, “my individual sons and daughters are being called to walk in this day.  This,“ says the Lord, “is a new day.  The discarding must go on. You must rip off that which is old.” 

The Lord says, “This is the season of a new wardrobe.” The Lord says, “As I sweep through you I am going to do something in some of you that you thought literally, ‘I could never’.  I am going to change your mind. You will feel my breath. You will feel the clothing and the mantling come upon you. I will breathe upon your sons and your daughters.” The Lord says, ”You think I haven’t heard you, but I’ve heard you.  You think then you’ve been ignored.  No,” the Lord says, “as I place you where you need to be so from what I do in you, I will breathe on your sons and daughters.”  

“Know this,” says the Lord. “As that which is taken away and that which is brought comes,” the Lord says, “a season of restoration will hit. Things stolen will suddenly be brought back. Profits lost will suddenly be gained back.” The Lord says, “Just as I restored the fortunes of Israel, so I will restore the fortunes of the people of God. Gifts that you used to walk in, that you said to God that they are not there anymore,” the Lord says, ”they will be quickened afresh.  The dreams will suddenly start to spring. I use the words,” says the Lord, “spring.”



Written by Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis



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