The Decree, the Door, and the Pressing Forth

God is calling us through the door, to the tent of meeting, where the glory of the Lord dwells.

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We are entering the new Hebrew year 5784, which symbolizes the “open door”. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Look towards Rosh Hashanah. “Rosh Hashanah, which translates to the “beginning of the year,” marks the Jewish New Year and is a period of inner rejuvenation and seeking the Lord for forgiveness.”

There is a call to come up higher, to press in with our praise, and to enter through the door where the habitation of our King is. We are in the decade of Pay where we are to open our mouths and decree a thing. The Power is in our mouths to call those things which are not as though they were” according to Romans 4:17. We must steward well what the Lord has shown us and given unto us.

God is bringing momentum and acceleration to His people. Our ears must be attentive to hear His Voice and as we hear His voice we decree the Word of God with authority from our mouths. From this place of declaration, we begin to see the doors swing wide in front of us. We must be active and come into agreement with the will of God. He is seeking our partnership in earth, and you are who He is calling forth!

As we Praise the Lord, Lifting His name High, the aroma fills the heavens. When our Praises increase, God’s Glory shows up even more! Revelation 3:8 says,“ I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

The past season has tested you, yet you have not ceased, and you have not wavered. “Listen, there’s been a challenging climb and a mighty tug, for this is the will of the Almighty Lord. It had to align you with divine purpose. It’s a purging and refining so that we shine forth only the glorious light of God from deep within us.” May the Lord fortify you as you journey into the new horizons and territories He has laid out for you.

The pressing in brings us to the heart of the Father and brings forth a deep intimacy with Jesus. We must allow ourselves to be pulled away from all the distractions because the distractions are very great. As you ascend higher and press deeper, God is calling us through the door, to the tent of meeting, where the glory of the Lord dwells. Where the Glory of God is, there is transformation. Where the Glory of God is there is renewal. Where the Glory of God is there is a movement of His people.

As we embark on this fresh and invigorating path forward with the new and fresh oil, let our hearts declare His will and walk with authority and holy boldness. Again, do not be discouraged by the things you have endured. We must begin to see and hear within the supernatural realm, where we understand what God is doing in His appointed time. How can He trust you with the big things if you are not doing the small things He has given you?

Reflect on your life today and as we get ready to embark on this new year, position your heart to hear from heaven and decree the Word of God out of your mouth. Listen to the still small voice of the Lord and decree with boldness. This is your season of reign. Just as natural kings rule the land, so are we Kings that Rule the land. We rule from the standpoint of the Kingdom of God and the dominion He has given to us.


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